Acne Sucks: Pimple Poppin’

It wouldn’t be an efficient “acne” series if I didn’t talk about poppin’ pimples.

That’s right, I said it. I know dermatologists and estheticians would tell you NOT to pop pimples but I do it anyway.

I’m such a rebel, right?

But don’t call me stupid just yet. There are methods to pimple popping. And they don’t work for ALL pimples. Shoot…they don’t even work for all skin types. Having said that, don’t let this post motivate you to go around popping pimples aimlessly. I am simply showing you what I do. It has been successful for me for quite some time but I don’t want any of y’all sending me hate mail if you end up with scars because my method didn’t work for you.


Meet the pimples’ best friend….

This is a pimple extractor. And while it may look harmless, it really is a dangerous tool. If not used carefully, this extractor can cause scarring. It is really only supposed to be used by professionals. But I saw it at Sephora one fateful evening and decided to give it a whirl.

I’ll tell you one thing, this baby really should come with instructions because the first few times I used it, I scarred my skin. It was bad. It took months for those dark spots to go away.

But desperation will make you rather persistent. The next time around, I decided to do my research. I learned about the type of pimples I had. That gave me a better idea of how to treat them. This article gave me amazing insight. I learned that I had a type of pimple called papules. Despite ALWAYS having so many on my cheeks, they aren’t so difficult to get rid of since they have a whitehead.

And so the extractor came in handy.

The extractor gets out all of the nasty stuff out and I am left with the aftermath. Differin gel (prescribed by my dermatologist) overnight diminishes that and I am rarely left with a scar.

The extractor has changed my skin, y’all. I also use Q-Tips. They are better than the extractor because scarring almost never happens. By taking 2 Q-Tips, I’ll squeeze a pimple and watch the nasty nasty ooze on out.

Sounds gross, I know. But it works!

Remember my skin a few months ago? Inflammation was out of control. Every day I was popping a new pimple, healing a former pimple and trying to get rid of the scarring.

Now it’s lookin’ like this….

I’m rocking a little concealer and bronzer here but the pimples are under control. I still have some scarring but with the Origins Skin Tone Corrector I’m using (review coming soon!), I am confident that those will be disappearing soon.

Before popping pimples, I am always sure to steam my face (thanks Kelly!) and thoroughly wash my hands. I was hesitant about even doing a post on pimple poppin’ because I know that a lot of people are against it. But tell that to a person who has a dozen of them just chillin’ on their face. I think it’s best to inform yourself about how to take care of your skin and then do what you can to alleviate it. My dermatologist is cool and all but I don’t want to HAVE to go.

….not to mention, a lot of people don’t have health insurance to even be able to visit a derm so I think it’s best to learn how to take care of our skin the best way that we can.

With that said, if you are going to pop pimples, be careful. Be careful. Be careful.

If you have any tips on how to pop them, please share!

  • yummy411

    wow i've always wondered about those tools. thanks for sharing. your skin is looking good girl!

  • Jillian

    I rarely get pimples but when I do, I'm not a popper! My boyfriend, however, is. And he always tells me to "pop it, just pop it". Usually I cave…'cause I'm not the one who has to look at it, so I figure it's only fair.

  • Moni

    I know this is gross TMI, but not only am I a pimple popper, but I also get my bf to pop them for me! We're like monkeys grooming each other (though he rarely gets them, it's not fair). Now that's love! Even though I know that I shouldn't do it and that they will often scar, I just can't help myself. PP anonymous???

  • Chelle

    I usually "accidentally" pop my pimples when I'm in the shower, by the time I'm washing my face the pimple becomes soft that it pops on their own so what I do is just use a clean Q tip to squeeze the puss and blood out

  • Selina

    I'm totally a popper! I get such satisfaction out of it. Thank you for publishing your 'before' and 'after' photos – they've made me feel much better about my skin. I am nearly 40 and have been plagued with adult acne for years, but seeing how good your skin looks now shows me that all hope is not lost. :-)

  • Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^

    oh my, this is a revelation for me, lol! ^^ thank you so much for sharing this.. I have problem with acne, like, forever.. =P but I'm gonna try this tool for sure! ^^

  • Colette

    I didn't have acne as a teen, then I had it really bad for a few years, now I have it mostly under control (thank you every single Neutrogena Stress Control acne product) but I totally confess to popping them when they do rear their ugle heads. I usually do it right after I get out of the shower. I think we all give in occasionally =) Something supremely satisfying about it while being a little gross at the same time LOL but when you see nasty crap coming out you feel like you're doing something, not just sitting around waiting for a product to *maybe* work.

  • Danielle

    **raises hands** I'm a popper also. For me, I find that with some pimples once I get the gross stuff out, they heal faster.

  • Askmewhats

    i am not a popper! that ..I am proud of! lol I guess I'm just too scared to touch it or even pop it when I was younger!

  • Delores

    Hey! L'oreal Telescopic Explosion is $7.99 @ Target everyday!

  • Rai

    I don't pop my pimples. I just apply pimple cream.

    How do you get rid of scarring? I HATE IT! I have to remember to drink tons of water. I've been horrible at it lately. :(

  • Alana

    I pop because 99% of my pimples turn into whiteheads. That is when it is alright to pop because getting the puss out is easier

  • BeautyXchangeGirl

    Your skin is looking great!

  • Anonymous

    My skin scars TOO easily. I know that once my skin has the little 'bump' it'll leave a scar if I touch it or leave it alone. Therefore, I touch it. Makes sense in my head!

  • Anonymous

    STEP AWAY FROM THE POPPER! I am laughing so loud at your post..okay first .. i must say you are a hoot.. and secondly.. don't pop those pimples.. girly scars.. if not now then later.. under the surface the damage you do will show one day… easy going.. ever tried a little lemon on a pimple?? works wonders and tea tree oil.. best advice..leave them alone.. a little lemon juice and leave them be..

  • Anonymous

    STEP AWAY FROM THE POPPER! I am laughing so loud at your post..okay first .. i must say you are a hoot.. and secondly.. don't pop those pimples.. girly scars.. if not now then later.. under the surface the damage you do will show one day… easy going.. ever tried a little lemon on a pimple?? works wonders and tea tree oil.. best advice..leave them alone.. a little lemon juice and leave them be..

  • T.R.

    LOL at all the poppers posts. I too pop and like Moni I pop others. To be honest I see a white head and I want to pop it no matter whose face it's on. LOL I know it's gross but it's something about that white thing sitting on someones face, back, arms, etc that gets me to want to clear all that puss out.

    With that said I did learn some tricks from ya. I usually use my fingers wrapped in tissue but I'll try q-tips and never thought about stemming the face first but makes sense. My aesthetician does that before she cleans out and pops my pimples.

    As for scarring, I just use my organic olive oil and it's gone in a few months. I figure as long as one keeps their face clean, healthy and clear the scaring will eventually fade.

    Thanks Brit this was hilarious. You've brought the poppers out the closet. LOL

  • Lisalis

    Please don't pop. It causes damage on the surface and under. It causes scarring. Leave your skin be. Listen to your dermatologist.

  • mayaari

    I try to leave pimples alone or at least put some salicylic acid on em to minimize them…if there's a head that I can easily pop, I do, just to get rid of it, but if there's a head that's I can't pop after a few tries, I actually get my bf to do it – he manages to get the stubborn ones without scarring my face, using his (clean) fingers to sort of press under the skin and push the gunk out, rather than just squeezing the skin together (does that make sense?).

  • kukaberry

    I was thinking about buying a pimple extractor. They have them at Sally's. I decided to get an exfoliator brush first but thanks for the tips b/c I do pop pimples. I can't help it. I never tried q-tips…that's new to me but my new skin care regimen has allowed my skin to heal incredibly and IT'S ABOUT TIME!

  • TamikaG

    err ummm… Ma'am were gonna need that review on the Origins Skin Tone Corrector ASAP! lol!! Seriously really good post ….you make an extrememly excellent point not everything works for everyone and its so important to LEARN YOUR own skin type! Thanks for sharing chica!

  • B

    Anon—> I feel like I NEED the popper. Can't.Stop.Using.It! LOL!

    And TamikaG—> That review for Orgins Skin Tone Corrector is a comin', mama!

  • remedies for acne

    Well Well thats so much painic.My prescribed doctor has supposed me to dont press or touch the pimple when it get visible.Anyways thanks for your help and remedie.

  • Kelly :)

    I'm a popper and proud lol. I only do it when it becomes a whitehead though. And then when its open (ya know- after all the icky stuff is squeezed out) I put Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment right on it. In 2-3 days its gone! YAY! The only bad part is, as soon as that one is gone, another 1 is standing in line somewhere else on my face :( acne sucks indeed.

  • Dana

    I’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on every product you can think of, including 2 rounds of accutane and nothing works! I totally appreciate your honesty in regard to the popping subject. Some of us are just going to do it no matter what people say about how bad it is, so your advice on technique is priceless.
    Do you have any wisdom to share about blackheads? I always figured those were less likely to scar cuz when you get an extraction from an aesthetician, those are the ones they go for (using the exact Q-tip method you described, btw). Lately they’ve been a huge problem for me and I’ve tried extracting them with Q-tips, but they are so much harder to get at than the papules because they are flush with the skin’s surface. Sometimes I do a lot of damage to the surrounding skin and I’m really worried about scarring. Any advice on how to best attack these suckers?

    • Brittany

      Can’t say I know much about blackheads. I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Surprisingly!