Amor de Lacquer: OPI’s YDKJ in 3 forms

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Dear O.P.I.
Y’all are real funny. Who comes out with three polishes with three different finishes but yet they have the SAME name? Come on now…. Are y’all trying to confuse me? I’m just sayin’….Love you anyway, though. You’re one of my favorite brands of polish and I can’t wait until y’all drop a polish named ‘Cause Everybody Ain’t There Yet” or “You Don’t Know Me Like That” or “Tweet Ya Later”.


Nooo, I didn’t really send O.P.I. that letter. But I may.

Raise your hand if you remember me first reviewing You Don’t Know Jacques? I labeled it as a “yuck color” on brown skin. I’m sorry….but this color was anything but flattering. Nothing NOTHING was going to make me like it. don’t remember what it looked like?


It’s not pretty on me. And you know what? I’m fine with that. But what I’m not fine with is O.P.I. forcing me to like this color. How, you ask?

These jokers have come out with TWO other You Don’t Know Jacques’ with different finishes. See!

What in the post-it orange soda hell is this? Hmm….a matte and a suede? Surely they will look as crap-tastic as the predecessor, right? Umph!

Just look at this matte…

Well….wait a minute. It’s not SO bad. Definitely not as bad as the original. It applied flawlessly and only needed two coats. O.P.I.’s extra wide brushes are total BFFs with my longer nail beds. As a matte it looks more unusual than just downright ugly. I can deal with unusual. Shoot, I’m unusual. So this I can do as a matte.

Surely the suede finish can’t top this. Remember I’m supposed to loathe YDKJ.

*blinks* Is this the same color? Wait a minute….how is this possible? You Don’t Know Jacques with a suede finish looks….beautiful??? I feel tricked. How did we go from the original color that looked like dirty mop water to this stunning gold and brown love affair? I mean, look at it. It looks like gold and brown shared a passionate kiss. The result? You Don’t Know Jacques suede. I love it. I think it’s one of the most attractive colors I have ever seen.

Talk about a magic trick.

Yes y’all….they’ve fooled us. Or at least me. I-I-I-I like You Don’t Know Jacques. I really do!

You can be a high roller and pay a good $9 and up for the YDKJ….or you can get them from online retailers like TransDesign and pay around $4/bottle.

What do you think? Is YDKJ better in a matte or suede? Do you love the original?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • eMCee

    Suede has my vote! I will check that one out!

  • Askmewhats

    Suede definitely is pretty and far from the first photo! LOL You are sooooo funny! i can't help but laugh reading your post!

  • Alex

    I like the suede finish the most, but for some reason I'm just not feeling any of these grayed out colors that are floating around. I had Metro Chic for a while, and I think it's the best of the weird grays, but it was too muted and low contrast for me.

  • prettybeautiful

    suade is definitely my choice too. i have not tried any matte color polish before but i have a feeling that it will look weird on my nails..just like how some cars with matte paint looks odd

  • God’s child

    oh my goodness that matte is tooooo hawt! and i love da off to the shops…lol

  • Mojo Jojo

    Hi B!

    I was just thinking about how disgusting some of those France colors are, but that Suede finish is hawt!

    Have you seen the Espana collection? They have 3 dark colors and two look like they are the same until you get right up on them and turn em around in the light. I want to try the dark blue one, and the bright pink, you interested?

  • Colette

    I like the suede look best I think, I really need to pick up some of that line once I allow myself to splurge again. Really though, these 3 are all so different OPI could have been less lazy & given them all different names =)

  • Lee

    Diggin the suede finish. Hated the original. Matte was okay. But the Suede was hot.

  • gio

    Suede looks very pretty! I'm not digging the other two, esp the original, it looks bad.

  • Anonymous


  • Miss Yaya

    u r too funny brit. love the post

  • Holly

    The suede one looks the best..nice fall color

  • B

    Y'all make me want to pull an Oprah and scream "You get a YDKJ suede! And you get a YDKJ suede! Free suedes for everyone!" Hahahaaa!!

    Mojo Jojo—> I saw that collection but I wasn't in LOVE. Maybe I'll give it a second look though. Darn you! I was saving money…lol.

  • Danielle

    I was looking at the suedes on the Opi site yesterday and wondered why YDKJ sounded so familiar. Now I know why. Yeah the suede is hot!

  • Gin

    Suede is the clear winner. The original looks awful. The matte is different but I still don't like the cool grey-brown tone.

  • izumi

    suede is by faaaaaaaaaaaar the best one!

  • adorepink

    I definetely like the suede version best! It looks gorgeous! I cant with the original version though. *shakes head vigrously*

  • Ke

    I love OPI that are always true to color and if I can't find them any where else I can always depend on my local nail salon to have a color I like in stock … I love the natural tones great for the fall

  • Mojo Jojo

    I don't mind if you pull and Oprah B! And, save your money, you and I know OPI will come out with something fantastico! I was loving the South Beach colors, especially OPI on Collins Ave and Conga-line Coral. But I want to try that Conquistadorable Coral, lucky for me, I have an insider at the local spa…*evil laugh* (:

  • Product Junkie Diva

    When I first saw You Don't Know Jacques – the original, I was in LOVE. I purchased it and it is to date one of my favorite polishes. I now know that I need the suede version in my life as well. Matte has to grow on me because I am not really a matte girl but since it is the color You Don't Know Jacques I may have to try it.

  • Kizzy

    Even though you labeled it as a "yuck color" on brown skin, YDKJ (the regular one) is my favorite nail polish color EVER. And I'm a brown girl! Everybody's different I guess 😉

  • Kenzie

    have you put a top coat over the suede version??? someone on a nail blog (i think it was scrangie) posted pics of all the suedes with top coats and they sooooo beautiful!!

  • Rate Your Hairdresser

    I heard that matte is the new big thing for this fall. Whether it's nail varnish or auto paint. (Yes, cars are getting a matte finish too.) I'm not thrilled about it. The suede version gets my vote out of the three. Personally, I'll always prefer a high gloss finish.

  • yummy411

    very cool post! i loved the original, but the suede is cool too, even when i'm not a fan of the matte and suede finishes =p

  • B

    Kenzie—> I haven't tried it with a top coat because I am in looove with the suede finish but I have seen Scrangie's and they are GORGEOUS on her!