Brown celebs rock purple lips too!

See….I’m not the only one wearin’ purple lips.

LeToya Luckett has me reallllly wanting to pull out the purple lipsticks again. But since I’ve retired them for awhile, I guess I need to wait. But ain’t this some fierceness?

And Rihanna is killing it with the vampy ultra glossy lip.

You know how celebs supposedly start the trends that us regular people soon follow?

Well, uh…I think I started the purple lip trend this time.

I’m just sayin’….lol. Like these looks?

(photo source)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I like both looks onthe lovely ladies. I tried to get another tube of bing yesterday and the MAC rep said they didn't have a tube in stock….. smh.

  • Jasmin

    Cute pics! Love the looks on them.. I doubt I can pull that off though.

  • PiinkCupcakez

    the purple lips do look nice on some ppl
    but i need to get used to myself with pink or red lips b4 i try to rock purple lol

  • Mz. More

    I love that shade on LeToya… as a matter of fact, I am loving that whole look. She is rocking them purple lips!

    This is not one of my faves for my girl Riri… it's a bit blah in my opinion.

  • Milan

    Those are BOTH hot lippies!! You know I love the purple lip. And I agree, I think you're bringing it back, Brit. 😉 I like the new spin on it these ladies have taken with a more rich purple color as opposed to the lavendar trend from earlier this year. Let me dig in my stash and see if I can recreate this…

  • Alex

    LeToya Luckett always has the cutest makeup! Maybe I will get a purple gloss, to ease my way into something like this.

  • Jillian

    I saw some LeToya pics on SR and I was trying to figure out what's on her lips…maybe Lip Tars? That's my best guess.

  • Kerline Docteur

    Really cute. I remember my fuschia phase. I may have to try purple!

  • BrownFace

    I am so feeling LeToya's lipcolor!!! Woweeeee!!Lemme see were I can find something similar. Actually,I think I may something in my OCC collection.

  • rayqueenbee

    I love the color Letoya is wearing. She rocks it so well.

  • Kizzy
  • B

    Jillian & Brown Face….we could probably mix that up ourselves with OCC's Katricia's as a base. I'm going to be doing some mixing this weekend!

    Kizzy…..OMG!!! I looooove it!

  • kukaberry

    You know, my grandmother wore purple lipstick when I was a kid and I used to get on her so bad. I told her purple lipstick was not in but now it is. She probably would think that is pretty funny if I told her or she saw me in some.

  • Whimsi

    Looks like you're on to something with the purple lips. I like LeToya's look.

  • Husha brown skinned ppl actually look amazing in purple lips (what's with the "too"?).

    Actually, I think Asians and brown people (and that includes African Americans as well as Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Indian..all that) look amazing in purple lips..It just looks so rich and elegant!

  • ~J

    AJ Crimson was LeToya's makeup artist for thsi video. He told me he used Kissable Couture in Tyler on her lips.

  • Bay Glamour Girl

    Violetta by MAC should work too! Love LeToya's look!