FOTD Friday: Making eyes pop through glasses

Still SO in love with my glasses. And I’ve been enjoying finding ways to really make my eyes pop. So this FOTD Friday is comprised of 4 tips to help glasses-wearin’ ladies feel super confident behind their glasses.

So first up….

Defining the brows

Okay, so this is major for anyone, I think. Brows really shape the face and give character. And even more so when you are rockin’ glasses.

Illuminating the browbone

I don’t always do this but I find that it helps draw attention to my eyes.

Bringing the crease up a bit

Normally I place shadow color RIGHT in my crease. However, since I’ve been wearing glasses, I notice that sometimes the frame blocks the crease. Bringing the color up a liiiittle more really allows for my eyes to look like they’ve got somethin’ goin’ on.

Liner, baby!

Um, yeah….y’all know how much I love liner! Colored liners really make the eyes pop. But you already knew that right? Hehe….

Wear your glasses with pride, ladies!

I even did a short video of these tips while I was in Atlanta.

Enjoy the weekend, fam!!

  • Danyelle

    Yo! This is the only way to really wear makeup with glasses and I finally tried the colored liner in Navy by HIP and it does make your eyes pop, who knew I had brown eyes and not black ones? Lol, great tip darlin!

  • Amina

    great tips!!!!!
    Taking notes on colored liners :)

  • Askmewhats

    you look hot with glasses dear!!

  • Patricia

    B, those glasses look gorgeous on you! I was wondering if you could review Yves Saint Laurant's Volume Effects Faux Cils mascara. It made my friend's lashes look like falsies, but she tends to over-exagerate on her make-up, so I was wondering if you could do a review too. Thanks!

  • Rai

    I wear glasses, and I think my makeup is shown pretty clearly. lol

  • τreciä

    This is super. we glasses ppl need to show those non-glasses ppl we in the game too..

  • Sandy

    Love your brows! Do you get them waxed? How often and where?

  • K. Rock

    Thanks for the tips. I never wear makeup on my eyes with my glasses because I thought you really couldn't see it. I will do it now though.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Yes, your eyes do pop even through the glasses!!!
    have a great weekend

  • gio

    Great tips. You look great with glasses.

  • WhimsiGal

    I love the colored eyeliner when wearing glasses. Who knew?! Thanks for the tip.

  • kenzie

    i have the HiP creme liner in teal, and i find it really makes my eyes pop behind my glasses (which are almost identical to yours, btw) and you look great in them!!!

  • ‘Funlayo

    You look SUPER cute in your glasses and your brows are sharp! You know how I adore well-done brows.

  • Anonymous

    You look so chic with the glasses!


  • Milan

    Great tips! I rarely wear my glasses out and about but I might start. I'll be sure to use these tips you gave. 😉