FOTD Friday: My Halloween/funky looks

Hi darlings!

So this year I didn’t do a Halloween look. And I usually do. I guess I didn’t do much brainstorming this year. I know, I suck.

So….here’s a blast from the past of my most creative looks.

And, in a few days I will be be celebrating my 2-year brow accident anniversary. LOL, not really a celebration. But I will never forget that awful incident. I walked around like this for months….

So dark and dramatic, I know. HA!

Have a safe Halloween, fam!


    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I especially love the first pic! Very inspirational it gives me ideas lol!

  • LipGlossGossip

    Hey girly thanks for the info on the mascara sale! That's a great deal! :-)

  • Karen

    Very nice! Cool looks

  • Mz. More

    I soooooo love the puzzle pieces. Very creative!

  • Jasmin

    Cute looks! Great ideas!

  • Execumama

    So, um…where's the tutorial on how to do the first one?! I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing.

  • emily☆

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know i've given you an award on my blog!
    xo em
    ps look one is my fave!

  • Wes

    How creative… Love it!

  • abby

    How creative! you're such a make up genius! *bows*

  • B

    Thank you, my loves!