Illamasqua hits Orlando

Can I be honest with y’all for a minute?

It’s hard being a beauty blogger in Florida. Nothing cool ever happens here.

Well, I take that back. Premiere Orlando was here and that was an enormous beauty show. And I just came back from The Artist Summit in Miami. So I guess I run into some pretty cool events every now and then. I guess.

But imagine my surprise when I found out that the U.K. brand Illamasqua was going to hit a few Sephora’s in the country and the Florida Mall here in Orlando was one of them. Yeah mon!!

What you should know about the awesome Illamasqua…..

“Known for their intense colors and dramatic makeup, Illamasqua is your go-to brand for nighttime makeup—whether it’s an evening out at the opera or the dance club. Conceived amidst the dark drama of Berlin in the 20s, Illamasqua was developed by professional makeup artists and launched in 2008 in the U.K. Embraced by celebs and alternative cultures alike, their colors allow you to express your most daring, boldest, and most intense sides with professional nighttime makeup that’s richly pigmented and long lasting. Are you ready to release your night-vixen alter ego?” (source)

It’s a pretty dope brand, y’all. It is most comparable to NARS in terms of pricing. This sucks for me as I sit comfortably between drugstore and higher end brands. $19 for a lip gloss is pushing it. But it is almost justified when they look like this…

And the shadows come in darling packaging and look like this….

And don’t even get me started on the polishes….

Oh yeah, a few months back I saw beauty bloggers in New York show off the fierceness that was Illamasqua so I was happy to finally see it in person. I’m exciting getting to know this brand and I hope I don’t fall head over heels.

….my wallet would not like that.

Speaking of wallets, while sitting in the teller line at the bank, I felt like sending positive vibes…

…..even though I didn’t feel so positive after leaving the bank.

To keep from being down, I found that it is best to lift others up.

Remember that. Operation Beautiful rocks!

And stay tuned for more run-in’s with Illamasqua.

Have you tried this brand yet? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Learn more about them here.

  • Execumama

    Thanks for the info! I hadn't heard of this brand, but the pics had my heart palpitating somethin' serious!!! And I love that quote, "to keep from being down, …best to lift others up." LOVE THAT!!

  • Husha

    You know what, no makeup no matter how awesome, is worth that much.

    But I wouldn't mind someone giving it to me as a gift..heheh

  • rmcandlelight

    When I saw your title…I started screaming. lol!! I only have 2 polishes. You know I will be getting more :)

  • KissyFace Artistry

    I definitely feel you on the Florida perspective but nevertheless my knowledge and interest regarding make-up and beauty grows despite.

    I've got a Sephora at my local mall and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be there as well.

  • NicNac Beauty

    I know exactly what you mean! It is hard being a beauty girl at all in Florida. I am originally from Chicago and I am suffering here in North Florida. Most people here haven't heard of Sephora or Ulta and they look at me like I'm crazy if I mention a sale. My boss told me the other day that people are uncomfortable when the "city girls" are "done up"!!!

    Off topic: Does all of your makeup slide off your face or have you found an industrial strength primer???

  • B

    Execumama—> I felt the saaaame way when I was standing in front of the brand. I kept saying, "Be still my heart." LOL!

    Husha—> Stoooop iiiit! LMAO, you sound just like me.

    rmcandlelight—> Fa reals? Which one? Is it crazy that I want them all? No, seriously…

    KissyFace Artistry—> Yep! You're right…I live in Florida I've got my radar out on beauty trends, brands and concepts all over the world. Hopin' that Illam is in your mall!

    NicNac Beauty—> Chi-Town is a different WORLD than any part of Florida. I love me some Chicago. North Florida is the pits because there isn't ANYTHING. Central/South Florida is a little better as far as shopping. LOL @ your boss. And giiiirl…I don't wear foundation due to my crazy skin. It's concealer and blush. And even that depends on how my skin's behavior. I hear Korres has a great primer!

  • Kelly


    You are an amazing inspiration. I hope you like llamasqua but dont fall in love!!!

    BTW: I was web browsing and saw this operation beautiful contest and immediately thought of you. Have you seen it?

  • Jamila

    Hot dang! Now I just need to plan a road trip to Orlando! You know the Panhandle is where beauty comes burn and die! Still can't find Sally Hansen. *smh*

  • Shrinky Inky

    our local Sephora isn't going to carry it, so i caved and bought Box lipstick, Mislead eyeliner cake, Vehement Eyebrow Cake and sealing gel. I love it all. Box is a beautiful red – very wearable and matte. I'd rate it up there with my two fave MAC's – Russian Red and Ruby Woo.

    The eyeliner used with the sealing gel was fantastic. I achieved a perfect fine line – yes, it took longer but nothing is as fantastic as cake eyeliner for fine deep black lines.

    The eyebrow cake I used alone, no water or sealing gel, though you can use it that way as well. A soft black and very wearable for my dark brows.

    I'm eager to try more from this line!

  • Lee

    I never heard of the line but the pictures look great. I prefer to spend a little less, maybe its worth it.

  • Faye

    Damn I wish I was rich! (And living in America!) Although when you convert it $19 is only £11 – I think I need some!