L’Oreal HIP lip products on sale this week and more….

Corrected to add L’Oreal HIP lip products not ALL L’Oreal HIP products.

L’Oreal HIP lip prouducts are buy 1, get 1 free. Woo!

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And because I’ve been traveling for the past two weekends (and headed to Atlanta this weekend, yikes!) I haven’t been up on all of the sales. Thanks to Laura for sending me this awesome deal going on at Sephora.

Wowsers! So you’re telling me all I have to do is bring in 5 unwanted beauty items and I’m getting $10 off?! Amazing! Click the photo for additional information and when in doubt call your local Sephora. I think I can finally get those Stila Barbie smudge pots I’ve been wanting!

ETA~~You can bring in ANY beauty items. I tossed conditioner bottles and lotions.

  • Shrinky Inky

    i took in 3 crappy old lippies, an ancient shadow set and a cheap eyebrow powder and got myself things I had on my wish list. it was a nice offer, but remember you have to spend $50 to get the savings (which is way too easy to do, haha).

  • Brandi

    The Walgreens near me is having a BOGO on L'Oreal LIP. I'm bummed; I was so excited about the HIP BOGO. Just wanted to alert you. Have a lovely day. You're fantastic. :)


  • slackey210

    Hey Britt! I checked on the L'oreal sale as well. In my area it's L'oreal LIP products (it does include the HIP lipgloss, but it's not exclusively HIP products). Maybe this isn't the same nationwide, but locally my sale is for LIP not HIP. :-(

  • Victoria

    Is Sephora taking ANY beauty product, or does it have to be from lines they carry? Does anyone know?

  • Jordan

    That's my question…can we bring in any old makeup (cause I have tons!) Thanks so much for the tip, you rock!

  • yummy411

    alright ATL!!!

  • B

    Good lookin' out, y'all…it is only L'Oreal HIP lip products.


    And as for Sephora's Cash for Beauty Clunkers, I brought it any empty random bottles of conditioner and lotion. They weren't picky at all. But you can only bring in 5….don't try to bring in 10 and think you're getting $20 off. HA!!

  • Danielle

    Diamond Cosmetics is having a $1 polish sale!!!