Permanent Hair color

I have a confession, y’all…

It’s this….

…and this

I LOVE hair color. Like, a lot. I’ve been loving hair color since 9th grade when I first got highlights. When I couldn’t get my hair professionally done I would dye it with Kool-Aid. I know, I know….but it was a hit and if there was a superlative for it I would have been “Most Likely to Have Amazing Hair Color from Kool-Aid”.

I dyed my hair in college. I was jet blue black, red/orange, light brown and even did a huge blond streak. I just LOVE hair color.

Recently I dye-d my locs.

See the full story at I went from having tri-colored locs to permanently lightening all of my locs.

The result=love. Now I’ve dyed my hair at home many times before. But I’ve never done a permanent. I probably could have paid my loctician to do it but I really love doing my own hair. Not to mention I save money. Holla!

Anyone have any tips for taking care of permanently dyed hair? All hair types are welcome to respond.

  • Askmewhats

    love your hair color you look gorgeous B !!!! your smile really can brighten up anyone's day!

  • antithesis

    i dont know if textures and tones is permanent or not but id run thru like 6 boxes a year (my hair was natural) in undergrad. couldnt be the best for my hair. i wanna say it's permanent b/c im still tryna grow out this color on my ends from a yr and a half ago. like u, i experimented w/ a few colors. just follow the directions EXACTLY as written and you should be fine. my mom has locs and she colors her hair probably once a month with textures and tones by clairol. hope that helps.

  • sandy

    I have also been addicted to color since high school! Started using Sun-in in 7th grade (does anyone still use that? Basically lemon juice LOL!) Used L'Oreal Casting when it was still around which was an ammonia free tint. Then I started going to salon and haven't looked back. I have naturally dark brown almost black hair and of course ppl want what they don't have and I like lighter hair LOL. I've gotten as tame as chestnut brown but still need my blonde/light brown highlights! Love your hair, color, beautiful smile and LOVE the nails! :)

  • Daenel

    Make sure you use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair so you don't lose that fabulous color. Like you, I have been a color lover since forever. I just recently (like 6 weeks ago) decided to go natural and I'm writing about my transition on my blog ( Hair is our greatest accessory – Love it!

  • Rate Your Hairdresser

    That's a lovely colour on you. I recently dyed my hair at home, because I just COULDN'T wait to get an appointment. And you know what? It turned out great.

  • Anonymous

    That color looks really pretty on you. Here's some tips for your color that I've found work quite well. I dye my hair a red-toned dark-ish brown, and reds can be a little problematic.
    1. Wait as long as humanly possible to wash your hair after you color it. I HATE to not wash my hair, but when I can manage to not wash it for a few days, it's made a big difference in the longevity of the color.
    2. Never use a clarifying shampoo or even one that you can see through. In general, any "pearly" or opaque shampoo will be a bit gentler on your color.
    3. Make hats your friend if you like to be out in the sun alot. Either that, or use product with spf. Sun + hair color = bad.
    4. Using a color-depositing conditioner can boost the shade a bit in between colorings.

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up

    I love it! I have never perm. dyed my hair. I've done semis; I'm too scared. For some reason, I think my hair will fall out.

  • Melissa

    Put a conditioner on your hair first on dry hair then add color. That is what I did with a permanent color from dark and lovely. It came out nice. It wasn't dry either. I conditioned the hell out of my hair though. I used the suave strawberries and creme conditioner on my hair then the color.

  • Lish

    Hey B!

    Your hair is looking great!!!!

  • B

    Thanks for all of the tips, y'all!!

  • MissPretty

    I dyed my hair with kool aid in high school too. It was soooo the “in” thing to do!