The Artist Summit Miami-Inglot Cosmetics=WHOA!

Time for some photo footage from The Artist Summit Miami!

When I saw the list of vendors, I was most excited to see Inglot Cosmetics. As many of you know, I fell in love with this brand a few months back in New York City. Check out that post here. As fate would have it, the brand is still ONLY available in New York as of right now. It has Canadian and Polish locations but as far as the U.S., a freestanding store only resides in NYC. I know, completely unfair.

So as you can imagine I RAN to them when I saw their spacious layout. Intern Bri did a fabulous job at capturing how I really feel about Inglot.

Seriously y’all…this brand is ridiculous. Ridiculous as in good, I mean. The colors, the packaging, the innovative styles, I just…I love it. Check it out!

I was modest and only hauled two interesting look test tube lippies.

The more I fall for Inglot, the more they upset me. Why can’t we order them online already? Man oh man! And I really do hate to tease y’all but hopefully sooner rather than later, Inglot will open their doors and allow everyone to play with and purchase their products.

I’m wishin’ on a star….

Stay tuned for more installments of The Artist Summit Miami!

  • Margie

    We have inglot widely available in my city – Adelaide, South Australia. There are at least two shops (I think there's one out north as well) and we only have two MAC counters here!

    We still have the old style shadows in circular pots though, none of the nifty new magnetic lidded square shaped palettes you have shown… There are signs up saying "new formula coming" but there have been for about a year now!!

    I want to see the new stuff!

  • a lice-treatment fun

    Margie, wow, Australia! I've always wanted to visit there…too bad you don't have too many MAC places there, there are literally hundreds in my area, we are in Calirnia.

    I love eyeshadow. Love the photos here too, very cool!


  • Shawna

    The Lippies are in the same container as Wild and Crazy Lipglosses they do look like Test Tubes Haha!!! The collection does look Crazyyyyy!!!!

  • Monique



  • beautyjudy

    Thanks for sharing Brittany! I am going to NYC for Nails Night Out NYC and I am thinking if I can use the points for a room, I'm staying overnight so I can get up the next morning and hit Sephora Times Square and Inglot!!! I've been curious about the brand since you first blogged about it. You look fab, too by the way! :)

  • B

    Margie—> Yay for Inglot being global! We all want so much for Inglot. I really hope they pull it together and let their consumers love them even more.

    Shawna—> I kinda just want EVERYTHING.

    Monique—> I know, right? LOL

    BeautyJudy—> Ohhh, I want to go so badly!! Have lots of fun and you HAVE to hit up Inglot when you go. They have gorgeous nail polishes–including mattes.

  • Rate Your Hairdresser

    Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this brand before. I'll have to wait for it to come online, because I doubt they sell it up here in Canada.

  • Marina

    Great post and photos :)I Love so many products from this brand myself. Eyeshadows and highlighter are amazing!