What would you do for longer lashes?

Have you ever thought about it?

I mean, really….

Clumps of Mascara focuses on all areas of beauty with mascara (obviously) being the product we show the most love to. I enjoy reviewing them because the demand is there and for whatever reason a lot of us are sooo in love with the idea of having thicker and longer lashes.

But how far would you go?

Check out this parody. It makes you think…

Thoughts? Funny? Scary? Or are you just speechless?

Thanks Aziza

  • ‘Funlayo

    It's funny you showed this today because I just saw that commercial for the real lash growing stuff and I'm like give me a break! It's REALLY not that serious. Especially considering the "fine print" that the growth only lasts as long as you use the stuff which means you'd ostensibly have to use the stuff (which might permanently discolor the whites of your eyes and change the color of your iris, by the way!) for the rest of your life. No thanks!

    I have microscopic lashes but I ain't going that far. I'll stick with the mascara :0)

  • Yvonne

    I have never considered using growth aids for my lashes…I would rather put on some falsies. But truly, it just took some time (and money)experimenting with what mascara will maximize my lashes and make them look the best (at least IMO). I agree with you Funlayo…mascara will do me just fine.

  • Anonymous

    What I love about the commercial for the real product is how fakey Brooke Shields's eye color looks. This stuff may turn your irises brown, and may also prevent you from finding light green opaque lenses that look real.

  • Islamic Fashion

    Loooooooooool funny clip !
    Woow i can't belive you came up with this , just yesterday i was thinking in purchasing some product to fuller and grow lashes MD Lash Factor .

  • Vixxan

    Never in a million years would I consider taking a pill or anything else for longer eyelashes. I have so much fun playing with my false eyelashes. Funny video.

  • Gaby

    OMG this is totally scared haha

  • lazybeautiful

    The video is both funny and scary. I've been skeptical of that lash growing stuff since I first saw the real commercial. I'll stick to mascaras or false lashes, thanks.

  • CurvyGurl ♥

    lol…there's something about possible "eyelid darkening" that sends up the red flag for me. I'll do some things in the name of beauty, but I'll pass on that one.

  • adorepink

    When I first saw this video, I had to do a double take to make sure I knew what they were trying to sell. Oh for the love of mascara it is not that crucial! Falsies will give you the same results without losing an eyeball!

  • Jillian

    I agree with the others; I would never use something that could possibly change the color of my eyes. That creeps me out! Plus srsly, having short eyelashes is not something we should be telling women they need medication for! There are so many more serious problems, sometimes I think people don't realize how lucky they have it. That said, I think these products are great for people going through chemo who need the confidence boost.

  • Kellie Muse


  • lisa

    you are the best! I live in Sweden o watching your youtube clips, you are so funny! keeping my fingers crossed for your success

  • Anonymous

    This is the funniest video I've seen in a while :) I'm skeptical about Latisse. Would you really want to risk those side effects for "longer, fuller" lashes when you could pick up some falsies?

  • B

    Lovin' the comments, y'all. Thanks for the input! And Lisa….you are the BEST!!

  • Anonymous


  • Faye Prettyhead

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If I had enough pennies I would consider buying some lash growing aid, but this video has made me think twice.

  • java

    :o, so funny i am obsessed with my eyeslashes.
    your blog its Brilliant!!!
    Saludos desde chile