Amor de Lacquer: Diamond Cosmetics’ Fall Collection

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Yep! I’ve got another Diamond Cosmetics collection for you. This time we’re bringin’ in the Fall with fabulous fall colors. You ready?

Crushed Velvet

What a fabulous name! Crushed Velvet reminds me a lot of Diamond Cosmetics’ Plum Pie in the Sky. Except this baby has more purple in it. Vampy purples that actually LOOK purple (and not black) are so stunning to me. And I love that I got complete coverage with just one coat. Holla!

….and then I matte-d it up with Essie’s Matte on You. I think I like it better shiny though.

Smokey Rose

If I had to rename this color, it would be Grandma’s favorite. No joke…my paternal Grandmommy used to wear a color JUST like this when I was growing up. It is definitely a Grandma-color, I think. I didn’t quite like it on me. I could really only rock this color with some kind of design on it. By itself it’s a little *yawn*
Mulberry Mahem

Please oh please excuse the application of this baby. It was a tad bit watery. It isn’t the most unique color but I love bright berries like this….we’ve seen them before but they still make me happy.

Cherry Tobacco

Well, hello there, hottie! What a fantastic fall color. You can’t have a fall collection without a color like this. I LOVE Cherry Tobacco. Definitely my favorite color in this collection.

Well, this isn’t my FAVORITE Diamond Cosmetics’ collection but it’s a good one. There is something for everyone. I mean, think about it—if you got this collection, you’ve got colors that your Grandma, little sister, Mom and teenage niece would like. I’m just sayin’….not all collections ‘got it like that’.

For $2 a bottle, I think they are worth it! But I will always say that because….they are $2 a bottle! Seriously….how can you NOT buy at least one?

I highly recommend Crushed Velvet and Cherry Tobacco. They are fantabulous!

Get ’em here!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Christine

    i loooove the matte on the crushed velvet. i love it alone too!

    i want 5 colors from them.. 18k gold, don't teal my heart away, decadence, metallic blue and crushed velvet… shipping kills me every time! :/

  • Askmewhats

    wow $2.00 a bottle? That is great price for the lovely colors! :)

  • gio

    Cherry Tobacco looks stunning! And the price is so cheap too!

  • Mama Jen

    from the photo Crushed Velvet looks exactly like Zoya's Pinta…which is fave color to wear right now. You can't beat the price tag..2 bucks!!

  • Mz. More

    These are so pretty!

  • Danielle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE diamond cosmetics!! i'm so tempted to buy this whole collection!!!

  • B

    Diamond Cosmetics rock, y'all!

    Christine—> Noooo, is your shipping that bad?

    Danielle—> I say you get them all. LOL!

  • Christine

    haha not really; it's $5. i'm just a cheap-o!

  • Tysh

    These nails of yours, I love it. LOL