Clumps in the Streets: Maybelline ColorSensational Event

So remember in this post when I talked about Maybelline New York heading down South to tell us cool Floridians about their newest kids on the block? I was already heading down that way to visit family so it was totally meant to be that this event landed on the same weekend.

Saturday morning I grabbed Clumps’ Miami intern Briana, her Mommy and my BFF (she wrote an awesome post about this event on her Mommy blog). We headed to the “Little Havana” part of Miami and jetted to the parking lot where the ColorSensational trailer had been set up. There was a crowd of ladies listening to astrology expert Carlos Javier. He was revealing what colors best went with each sign.

Executive Editor of the magazine Siempre Mujer, Maria Cristina Marrero was also there.

“Psshttt….” whispered the intern. “Everyone is speaking in Spanish.”

Ah yes…the entire presentation era en Espanol pero I was fine. I’ve been speaking Spanish since I was a little girl so I was good!

Soon after the presentation, they opened the doors and let us in. The trailer had been set up with lip-over sections. It was gorgeous!

BriAna, the intern, is great…she took all of those photos while I chit-chatted with my lip consultant. I lovingly named her mi madre de labios (my Mother of Lips…ha!)

Together we picked out the perfect lip for moi. The ColorSensational collection has 4 color families to choose from….pinks, naturals, plums and reds. They are neatly categorized by packaging.

Anywhoovers, if you know me…you know I chose red!! And of course it scared me with the initial application.

But within seconds, I was loving it!

We used Very Cherry lipstick.

BriAna even got in on the action. She chose a teen appropriate color that looks so darling on her! Ohhh, to be 16 again!

I’ll be doing swatches and providing more information about the fabulousness that is the ColorSensational lippies. Until then..


  • Product Junkie Diva

    I need a mother of lips That cherry looks perfect on you.

  • ladebelle

    i LOVE that red on you!!! it doesn't look washed out or anything! so vibrant!!!

  • Brooke

    I'm loving the red on you! That is always a color I wanted to rock, but I just can't pull it off unless I am really tan, and even then I just feel like there is a big red sign on my lips saying "haayyyyy look at me" lol!

  • giselle

    that's so cool! brights colors look really good on you. i could've been there *tear* D:

  • Shana

    I remember your mother of lips from when the tour stopped in Chicago! LOL The lady with the short hair helped me (cant recall her name right now) the lipsticks are great and I love that color on you. They gave us Are You Reddy to try.

  • KissyFace Artistry

    I just saw these at Wal-Mart yesterday. I was enticed to pick them up. They were only about $5, which is a steal. Can't wait to see your review on the other colors.

  • yummy411

    i love it! fab post!! very cherry looks amazing but red revival is my fave!! this is me fave drugstore lipstick right now.

  • Sophia

    Great post!

  • Amina

    the lippie is sooo goorgeous on you!! Why am I looking more at your hair than make up!!

  • Pumps and Gloss

    The red lipstick is very pretty on you!!