FOTD Friday: Goin’ green on the lids….

So the other day something tragic happened. I was making my green smoothie…like I do every evening for the following day. This particular smoothie was probably one of the best I had ever made (that’s my Drake remix, haha!). It was chock full of kale and spinach with a sweet amount of coconut and almond milk. I tossed in some apple pieces, a banana, strawberries, pineapple and topped it off with cinnamon. It was beyond tasty.

So tasty that I guess the floor wanted try some too (haha, love that Mama Soybean).

But how beautifully tragic is that spill? The formation is kinda awesome. And it is a gorgeous shade of green. It was so pretty that my silly self had to take a picture of it and tweet it. Sometimes you really have to find beauty in….odd circumstances. Like in a green smoothie committing drinkicide.

Anyway….it inspired me to play around with some greens. So I did!!

I used MAC’s Humid for the outer-V.

That was one of my FIRST eye shadows. Humid holds a special place en mi corazon. I was going for a pretty subtle green eye. Didn’t want anything to POW, ya know? And I wanted plain cheeks with a glossy brown lip.

But if you look closer, I made a ton of application mistakes while in a hurry. Experimenting before work is never a good idea. But y’all know I don’t care. Posting my mistakes is kinda fun…..kinda.

Here we go!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
A green from Milani Cosmetics
MAC Humid e/s
NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Mildew
Clinique Glossy mascara

MAC lipliner in Chestnut
Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar

….yikes, don’t be like me. Blend your primer thoroughly!

I love greens.

Don’t youuuu?

Off to Atlanta for the weekend! I’ll be live tweeting my adventures, so be sure to tune in!

Have an awesome weekend, y’all.

Stay beautiful,

  • Daenel

    1. That is the most fantabulous drinkicide shot eva! And it is a beautiful shade of green.

    2. You can wear some colors! I now have green envy.

    3. Have a good weekend!

  • Connie De Alwis

    Loving the green! Seeing you wearing it so beautifully, I think I should start paying attention to my greens too 😀

  • gio

    I love greens and they look gorgeous on you!

  • Janine

    That spill looks like the color of OPI greenwich Village. At first glance, I thought you spilled a polish! I think I might have to put on that color when I get home now! Anyway, very pretty eyeshadow, as always!

  • antithesis

    HUMID! i have that, too. it's pretty much my only green shadow. the other is part of the barbie loves stila pallette i got for my birthday. i need to start using humid more often.

  • Mz. More

    Oh I love humid too and it was one of my first MAC e/s. You just made me crave a smoothie. It looks deelish, even on the floor. lol

  • Askmewhats

    I love your makeup with the matching green top!!!

  • princessvalecia


  • ~Just BLESS~

    Mmmm delish!!! Absolutely!

    Gone head and work your undercover Irish'ness!

    Geeeettttt itttttt!!!

  • kukaberry

    Green drink, green shadow, and green shirt! I never was into green but it came out FAB! Good for you getting creative. I love when inspiration comes to life in my make-up or nails.

  • Rate Your Hairdresser

    Mmm that drink sounds so healthy and delicious! And I always love a good green eyeshadow! Nice.:)

  • Mama Mish Mash

    Purdy!! I had Humid until I had a bad depotting accident :(

    …one day I'm going to replace it…

  • SoFrolushes

    I absolutely love Green eyeshadow.
    nice shades of green

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Ohhhh, poor green smoothie… that's sad. 😉

  • GS

    Jeez I have to get my eyes checked… again!! the spill looked like green nailpolish and I wasn´t looking at the whole e/s pan photo and I thought you made green cupcakes/muffins because that´s what it looked like for me 😛

    And the green looks so good on you!

  • B

    Thank you, darlings!!

  • Husha

    You have the cutest brightest smile! Aww :)