Macy’s BELIEVE campaign and giveaway!

Macy’s Day Parade 2007

Macy’s never ceases to amaze me. From shopping there on a regular to loving the Macy’s Day parade…I can’t help but love a department store that gives back.

Who remembers New York Sun’s famous “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial from 1897 ? I can’t say that I do but on December 11th at 8 pm E.T., CBS will premiere the original animated series called “Yes Virginia”.

Yes I WILL be watching. I am an enormous Holiday cheer spreadin’ kind of gal so this is right up my alley. Aaaand…..Macy’s is going to donate a $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for each letter received in “Believe Stations” in Macy’s stores across the country.

That’s beautiful!! Macy’s is giving me the opportunity to give TWO lucky readers 1 $25 gift certificate each. You can treat yourself or use it as a stocking stuffer.

One reader will be selected from the Clumps of Mascara’s fan page and the other from Twitter.

To get your entries in on Facebook, join the page and leave a message saying you want to win the Macy’s gift card.

To get your entries in on Twitter, just follow me and tweet me the same thing!

No entries will be accepted after Friday, November 27th at 12:00 a.m. EST and this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

Good luck!!!

  • Shawnta

    Macy's is great for this!

    I was at the mall yesterday & saw the red, Believe mail box. I had only seen it in the commercials (the one where Queen Latifah lifts the little girl to put the letter in) so I went over to the mailbox & there was a table next to it with stationary, envelopes & pens. Since I was already standing there, I 'mailed' one. I love the holidays.

  • sabrina

    Can you enter as many times as you want or is there a limit? Happy holidays Britt!

  • B

    Shawnta—> Awww, you actually wrote one? That's beautiful! I'm going to Macy's this weekend to do the same. I love the holidays too. Like….a lot. :)

    Sabrina—> Yes ma'am! Have at it! And happy holidays to you as well, darling!

  • Dennipep

    the holiday season is just really around the corner,happy holidays to you =)

  • Angela