Politically Pretty: The Obama Time Capsule

What if you could personally document history? I mean….how cool would that be?

I was heavily involved in the last Presidential election. I watched every debate, tuned in to the Democratic and Republican National conventions, I campaigned for President Obama and I even attended inauguration. I was completely immersed in all things politics at that point. Kia from Yummy 411 and I even did a Politically Pretty challenge. Who says you can’t combine beauty and politics?

While I am able to hold onto those memories, I’ve got something that is tangible and will last a lifetime!

The Obama Time Capsule

Wait….look again. See the last author on there?

Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s me! I am all up and through this book. I created my own personal edition. It talks about President Obama’s journey to the White House. It goes in depth about EVERYTHING. Even things that relate to the new generation–me!


I think it’s SO cool to see the influences social networking had on the election. Especially since I am a social networking nut. And to be able to share this with the future grandkids is just….wow.

See the invitation I got?

….and of course all of his fabulous supporters!

….and Obama art!

This is the PERFECT holiday gift for any one who was involved in the election. I think I’ll get my sister Courtney one aaaand Beauty and the Male’s KP one as well.

Shoot—well, now they know their Christmas gifts. Oh well!

You can find out more about The Obama Time Capsule here. I’m closing the book!

  • Vanilla

    wow thats really u??lol
    wow that great ! omg !!
    do u know obama spent his part of childhood in indonesia?hahahha

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up

    This is great!!!!! Make sure to pass this down and tell the future how imperative this is.

  • Miss Yaya

    this is freakin' awesome brit… lemme get myself on a book :)

  • Fashion’s Darling

    this is UNBELIEVABLE! Congrats girl!

  • B

    Thank you, darlings!

    …and yes Ms. Vanilla, I knew the Prez was over there. 😉 Totaly awesomeness!

  • zaramanaraski

    this is truly AMAZING,
    I would purchase this but unfortunately I live in England,
    13 year old girl, don't have a credit card to ship things over :(\
    but I'ma make my own reply to your primer post soon :)

  • B

    Zara—> Awww darling, no worries. It'll be around for quite some time.

  • Anonymous