Stila’s Makeup Player

Stila poses this question,

“What if you could download make-up lessons at the click of a button?”

Stila’s Beauty Tube makes this happen, y’all! I had the opportunity to test drive this nifty make-up player and um…

How innovative! And perfect for those looking to perfect their make-up skills WHILE watching helpful vids.

Each kit comes with cds with tutorials that can be downloaded on your MP3 player.

You also get some of your favorite Stila products to play around with. I LOVE the lip glazes. But you already knew that from previous FOTDs like this one.

And when you’re not following along with the tutorials you can rock out to music. I found this perfect for road trippin’. I can get ready for a night out on the town while blastin’ music.

Very cool, I know. With the holidays rolling around, I’m thinkin’ this is the perfect gift for the new make-up lover in your life. You can find out more about the player here. It is currently going for $69.00….pretty reasonable when you consider what you’re getting.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

  • Chelsea

    I want it!! =) What do you think of the new foundation?

  • HeavenLei/Blumoonbabe

    Get out!!!! I'd love that as a gift *cough* *directs special people to the comments*

  • Jazz

    ooolala…ladies you are right! this would be a fab gift…and the kit has color friendly colors!!!

  • ~J

    This is SO going on my wish list. What a fab idea!

  • Donna

    I like that Stila is trying to reinvent the wheel. They really are getting on board with the whole make-up tutorial thing. After almost going bankrupt, I'd say it's about time they stepped it up! :)

  • Brittany Giddings

    I ordered my makeup player from Stila’s website but chose the create your own option because I didn’t want the makeup options that the player comes with, and they didn’t send me any dvd makeup tutorials. Are the tutorials only for the makeup choices that were included in the original kit, or did i get jipped?

    • Brittany

      I’m not sure. I would contact Customer Service to get additional details on that. I got mine a loooooong time ago.