The Most Glittery-est Polish to date!

Just some random shots of China Glaze’s Spellbound.

This is by far the most glittery-est polish I own. It is insane!

You can it get it from Head2Toe Beauty for only $2.99. Wow-sers.

And don’t even get me started on Massini polishes…

I’ll be reviewing those babies soon! Just teasing y’all for now. :)

  • Askmewhats

    this is the most glitterish polish ever! i have a feeling I'll spend a great time removing this!

  • yummy411

    i was so bummed not to find this polish in sally's. off to h2h i go! ;p grrrr online ordering (though they are great!)

  • Sophia

    This is an intense amount of glitter. Did you only do one finger? lol….. I don't blame you!

  • B

    Nikki—> Felt does the trick!

    Yummy—> Girl, I couldn't find this in Sally's either. Thank goodness for H2T!

    Sophia—> LOL, yeeeep….you know me!

  • Jazz

    When I saw that China Glaze, I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about! I bought the RUBY PUMPS a couple weeks ago while in the beauty supply store and OMG it looked like i was wearing Dorthy's famous ruby shoes on my fingers and toes! Its cute tho and the men are givin comps too!

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up

    I would love to wear this to a holiday party with a simple, little black dress and fab heels.