The Official Nail Polish 101 post

My YouTube family has been been requesting this post/video for quite some time now. It’s true…..I love nail polishes. Like, a lot. So I guess it was high time for me to talk about nail polish in general. But I didn’t just ramble in this video. I had a list and I stuck to it!

I talked about different finishes of polishes. Including glitter which I just….SO love.

And I also talked about prices and even wondered if I should come out with my own nail polish color and name.

LOL, I’m kidding. Or am I? Hehe….


  • Jennifer

    Great post as always! I love, love, love Essie polish but wet n wild's new craze line is my current fave. Per your post, I'm going to try the Zoya and China Glaze brands. Thanks for the tips!

  • kenzie.

    I would buy your nail polish!! You could have a dark, shimmery matte grey-ish purple-y black….it would live up to the clumps name!!

  • Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant

    Your pictures are so cute. Lol.

  • kelliegonzo

    now this is a video i can get behind! haha you KNOW i'm all about nail polish!! haha 😀 thanks for spreading the loooooove. we need more polish lovers out there! my dream is to have my own polish line. when i get it, i'll let you design your own "clumps" polish k :)

  • Jazz

    girl if you dont work your curly locks ! you could totally have your own nailpolish like Britt for OPI ( instead of Nicole by OPI , or Nics Sticks) or even non- clumpin B LOL

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Go for it, I would love to purchase a clumps polish :-).
    I think your word verification box is curing me out…lol

  • Annelise

    that curly hair is the BEST! i love it!!!

  • Ms. Aja B.

    I can't wait to watch the video clip, but had to stop for a quick second to say that your locks are looking super cute in the pics! Love it!


  • B

    Jennifer—> I've got quite a few Essie's. Mesmerize is insaaaane! I love that blue. And ohh, I'll have to check out WnW's. I have some of theirs that I like too.

    Kenzie—> What a fantastic idea!! I'll come out with a collection called "Clumps of Mascara" with a color just like that. And then I'll name it after you. :)

    YFP—> Thank you, darling. Off to go check out your blog. A baby is coming. Yay!!

    kelliegonzo—> Girly, I am lovin' the way you are thinking. I got your back and you got mine. Polish lovers unite!

    Jazz—> Curly hair roooocks! Like in a major way. :) And um…don't be givin' me ideas. Wait…too late! Britt Sticks…hmmm. LOL!

    PJD—> LOL!! You, young lady, need to start a line of skin care products. I'd so buy from you. You are the PRO!

    Annelise—> Thank you, mama!

    Ms. Aja B.—> Thanks sis! And I haven't forgotten about you. You will be receiving my article tomorrow. Holla!

  • BeautyXchangeGirl

    Your video was great and you are too cute!

  • Mel

    OMG I LOOVVEEE your hair!! It make me want to be natura! WOWSERS!!

  • Danielle

    Your hair is SO CUTE!!! That's all I have to say (couldn't see the video at work)

  • emily☆

    So for some reason I've never watched your yt videos and boy have I been missing out! You are such a positively awesome girl! xo em

  • HomeGirl Quel in Austin

    I LOVE your videos! Just wanted to say that. :)

  • Denny

    Your hair is super cute!!!!!!!! Bring on the nail polish posts. lol

  • TipsToToes

    That was a great video, you're so cute.

  • GreenEyedArtist

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!!! Very glam.

  • Fashion Devotee

    I LOVE the video Britt…It is really you…lol…you really have nine trays with your polishes color coordinated. And great tips! And I cosign with everyone the hair is fab!

  • Amber/Brown Bombshell

    Your hair looks fabulous! Very glam, girl!

  • Gigi

    I love your pics too.:)

    Wet n Wild is free of those dangerous chemicals too

  • mschatfield

    I love nail polish, and I love wearing it, but I'm absolute garbage when it comes to application!

    I usually go over the edges, or I put too much on… Really stupid mistakes that actually waste a lot of my nail polish. : ( I wondered, could you do a video about avoiding this sort of thing?

  • B

    mchatfield—> To be honest, I'm not that good at applying either. And I don't want to embarrass myself by showing y'all how I apply it. LOL! The best thing to do is take your time and practice practice practice. You'll get better over time! :)