Vintage Post: On the Wall Palette storing

A few days ago I received an email from a college freshman. She was telling me how irritated she was at her dorm room set-up and the lack of space there was.Um, yeah….tell me about it. I’ve lived in 3 dorm rooms and countless apartments. I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and back to the East Coast. I pretty much move ever year or every other year. Because of that, I always keep my make-up storage pretty contained and neat.

So while I was doing AmeriCorps in Los Angeles, I came up with the idea of maximizing wall space….

Now this was back when I first got into make-up and was a serious MAC addict *rolls eyes* and really only used their palettes. Of course now I am obsessed with many other brands. Velcro was the name of the game and it took NO time. This may be ideal for ladies with limited space. Luckily my roommates weren’t into make-up so I never had to worry about anyone snatchin’ my shadows or lippies.

Otherwise we’d have another problem on our hands. Haha!

Velcro is super cool and so is dorm living, my college kiddies. Enjoy it!

  • Miss Yaya

    only you think of this. Was it a horror to take down when you changed rooms?

  • Jillian

    I know it's sturdy, but every day I'd come home looking for my shadows to be shattered everywhere. Gravity is not my friend!

  • B

    Yaya—Nooope, just snatched it down and removed the velcro from the back of the palette. Easy as pie!

    Jillian—Noooo, LOL…that never happened. Thank goodness…I would have passed out if it did. HA!

  • Brittany

    LOL, double sided velcro is awesome! I use it to stick things on my car dashboard (since I lose everything!) for years! People think it's funny. I love your idea! Very cool!

  • Bunni

    Great idea! Off to find velcro. Thanks!