Amor de Lacquer: Diamond Cosmetics’ Holiday ’09 Collection

| December 10, 2009 | 7 Comments

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Ready for another Diamond Cosmetics polish review? This time we’re going to be playing around with their beautiiiiful holiday collection?

Let’s go!

Blue Diamonds

Um, wooooow…..I don’t own a blue like this. Blue Diamonds is amazingly sparkly. The silver glitter isn’t the least bit chunky so application was easy. This color reminds me of a bright blue sky with stars shinning through. Whoa…how cool would that be to see?

Diamond’s Diamond

This baby works best for layering. It looks funky on my nails solo but I would imagine it would make any of your favorite non-glittery polishes pop! Diamond Cosmetics has a similar color like this called Sweet As Sugar.

Amethyst & Diamonds

Oh la laaa….check out my favorite of the bunch. Amethyst & Diamond’s is like a violet version of Blue Diamonds. How gorgeous is it? This baby has is a notch down from a holo. What a keeper!

Rubies & Diamonds

Crazy application, right? Yeah…I don’t know what’s wrong with Rubies & Diamonds. It wasn’t showing me much love when applying it solo. It does a lot better with layering. And when it is accompanied with other polishes, why…it just looks fabulous.

See….that’s better!

Another hit from Diamond Cosmetics. I love the color selection of these polishes. While I love green polishes to death, it would have been so “expected” for a holiday collection. The “diamond” theme is super unique. I have yet to have a REAL problem with any of my Diamond Cosmetics polishes. I did a good 3 coats for each application. Rubies & Diamonds could probably go for a fourth as it is not AS opaque at the others.

Right now you can get all of these babies together for an easy $15. This also includes their matte top coat which is AMAZING!! I’ll be reviewing that soon.

Until then….get them all.

Clumps will always and forever love Diamond Cosmetics. Rock on!

See any you like?
Your fellow nail polish junkie,


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Comments (7)

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  1. BeautyXchangeGirl says:

    I really like the Amethyst & Diamond polish. So regal! I had never heard of Diamond Cosmetics until now – what a great deal!

  2. purplelipgloss says:

    What timing. I just finished my first Diamond Cosmetics order. I added in Blue Diamonds and Amethyst Diamonds. The other two really didn't catch my eye.

  3. princessvalecia says:

    I love the blue and the purple

  4. diana says:

    I love the color selection of this collection too! My favorites are the blue and purple. I found the red to be quite boring too. It just didn't catch my attention like the others.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    where can you get these?

  6. NubianLockedPrincess says:

    I discovered Diamond Cosmetics when I went to Big Lot. I discovered their eye shadow. The eye shadow layered nicely and it lasted all day. The next day, I went back and bought every color palate they had!

    Love the purple and black!

  7. B says:

    Elizabeth—> You can get them from :)

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