Beauty Review: Colgate Wisp…

How many times have you been caught with the foul breath right before a meeting or study group or date or _________? (insert very important event in which you’d want fresh breath) Y’all can act cute if you want but I’ve been the victim of tart bref before. Not cute is it? Even worse if you ran out of breath mints or gum. So what’s a gal/guy to do?

Dun dun duuuun….Wisps to the rescue!

These darling little “fit in your pocket or purse” mini tooth brushes are PERFECT for freshening the breath in a pinch. I even keep one in my cosmetic bag nestled safely between the HK notepad and Illamasqua gloss.

I prefer these over gum because chewing gum gives me a head-ache. Yeah, I know….don’t ask. And I never have mints on me. These are better than both because your teeth really feel like you’ve brushed them. Wait…you have! Look how tiny they are…

I don’t know how the liquid filled breath bead works but it does. You don’t even need water. Simply brush the teef like so…

And then you’re off! You’ve got the fresh breath PLUS the “I just brushed my teeth” feeling. And if you’re happy and you know it….smile,

Yay for gapped-tooth smiles! And yay for Colgate Wisps! You can get these babies at drugstores, Wal-Mart and Target nationwide for $2.39 for 4pk, and $7.99 for 16pk. Pretty reasonable in pricing I think.

Such must haves. HOWEVER, don’t try to use them in lieu of an actual toothbrush. Something tells me that if these were out when I was a kid, my sister and I would so “wisp” our teeth instead of actually brushing. Kids, I tell ya!

So…how cool are these?

Fresh breath kisses,

The Colgate Wisps samples in this post were provided to me for post consideration. But er uh…I like these things so much that I’ve already purchased them. Twice. Holla!

  • kateypie35

    I definitely want to try these!
    I only have one concern…you show yours just tucked into your bag…looking all clean and cute.

    But if I put one, unpackaged, into MY skank scuzzy hole of a makeup bag – all the funk would get all over the bristles. Like lint and skeeze and gloss overflow? Ew.

    I think I would have to keep them in their little package. Or maybe I really need to clean out my makeup bag. Hmm.

  • Askmewhats

    wow B,i didn't realize it's so cute, small and handy :)

  • slackey210

    I have the CVS brand. I got them free with a coupon they sent me. Still haven't used them though. They are individually wrapped and have a tooth pick thing on one end. I'll have to remember to throw these in my bag so I can give them a try.

  • Moni

    These are great! I use them when I'm traveling and they're so easy and really do freshen your breath. Katey, my makeup bag is also a black hole, so I keep mine in a snack size Ziplock bag (the tiny ones), which keeps it from getting dirty and lost.

  • KP

    I haven't tried this one out. But I want to attest that Brit has had some foul breaf!


  • Shawnta

    I use these all the time & love them. They're also perfect for freshening up after dinner when out with family, friends & SOs. I don't drink but friends have told me they're good to use at bars/clubs after drinking and before approaching someone. I've tried the peppermint, spearmint & cinnamon but the cinnamon is my favorite. LOVE them! Great review. a

  • SanTara

    this is going on my list so i can grab them on my next store run! thx!!

  • Jade T.

    They're okay. While they freshened my breath, the ball in the center of the brush was hard (knocked on my teeth). Maybe if there's a gel that you can push into the brush from inside the handle..

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Yes I do adore my wisps!

  • ShanSoPink

    hehe chewing gum makes my head hurt too!!!