Beauty Review: Tarte’s Three Carats Mini Cheek Stain Set

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

Hold on…what was given on the 3rd day?

Three french hens? Um….no. How about three mini cheek stains from Tarte?

How gorgeous are these? They bling so brightly that even my camera can’t control itself. I’ve reviewed Tarte’s cheek stains before and now I’m back with this darling limited edition set.

For $25, you get these ‘perfect for traveling’ babies that are not only stunning to look at but work well on the cheeks too. If you haven’t tried Tarte’s Cheek stains, now is a great time to give them a whirl. Especially now with the winter weather. Because my skin can be awfully oily during the Spring and Summer, these stains would just ooze off of my cheeks in a matter of minutes in Florida’s humidity. BUT, since it’s like 60 degrees here (which is beyond cold for the South), I can wear the stains without fear.

The stains’ three colors:

Brilliant is described as a “shimmering champagne”

This bad boy suprised me because out of the three, I thought it was going to be the one that just wouldn’t look so hot on brown skin. But it did good!

Cushion is described as a “shimmering deep apricot”

Princess is described as a “shimmering rose”

….don’t you laugh at Princess’ condition. She got stuck at the top and was being a pain. Kind of like how most people who call themselves Princesses’ are. HA! I jest. She made up for it by looking fab on the cheeks.

Tarte is just awesome. Beautiful packaging with the paraben-free products that we love.

Aaaand, they are great ornaments as well!

Loves it! This set is sold out on but if you can find them at your nearest Sephora, you better snag it quickly because it’s limited edition.

Any Tarte fans out there? How much do you love the cheek stains? A lot? Not so much?

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR representative. Read our disclosure policy here.
  • Vanilla

    wow check out the bling bling !
    im so drooling over these 3 babiesss

  • Askmewhats

    so cute!! love the bling!!! OH girl! Your cheeks look gorgeous!

  • em

    cool packaging! 😀

  • ~tHiAmErE~

    it really looks awesome!
    they look so divine with the blings on!

    the color is also great
    you're looking mighty fine,hun!

  • Felicia

    Ok you've convinced(tricked) me…I so need these, lol.

  • Mellie

    Oh wow, I definitely wanna give these a try! The color looks gorgeous! 😀

  • gio

    The packaging is gorgeous, love the bling! The shades look great too.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this post! I love tarte products and have had my eye on these for a while. I never sample them when I go in Sephora though but might pick up a package.

  • Amina

    these are so pretty!
    I've been meaning to get tarte cheeks for a while

  • adorepink

    The packaging is gorgeous! Just for that alone I want these, but I really dont know what to do with a cheek stain. Haha.
    Also, that picture of you is very pretty!

  • Martha

    You did not just put that in your tree, lol. Crackin me up as always, love it! They're adorable!!

  • Mischo Beauty

    I love Tarte's cheek stains! Love the color on you! :)

  • Anonymous

    thoses things are so cute. and the color are so cute too!

  • Marie B

    Are these cheek stains sold @ Ulta? Because I live 30 minutes away from Sephora and 5 minutes away from Ulta.

  • B

    Marie B—> These are only sold at Sephora, darlin'.