FOTD Friday: Gel liners steal the show

Hi friends!

Gosh….that sounds so lame and dorky. But that’s me. HA!! Before I drop the deets on this week’s FOTD, I wanted to thank you all for the kind words in reference to Clumps’ new logo. I really deserve no credit as I just had the vision. It was Kris from Voz Visual Designs who made it come to life. He comes highly recommended. He and wife Execumama are crazy talented. But I’ll boast and brag more about them later.

Moving on..

Clumps is getting an online store. But more about that later. Get excited now though, kay?

Okay, NOW to the topic at hand. Have I told y’all how much I love cream liners? I’ve reviewed several. I love love love them! I wanted to do a look this week in which the gel liners stole the show.

So I pulled out some of my favorites.

Thank you Urban Decay, Stila and Inglot for making such making fantastic gel liners. Which one is my favorite? I can’t even choose. I’m a dedicated MAC Fluidline fan. And I’m enamored with Lancome’s Ink Artliner too. Gel liners are fantabulous and if you haven’t played with ’em yet….hop to it!

I did a pretty basic neutral eye. I really wanted the liners to pop so first things first. I smudged Stila’s smudge pot on my waterline.

Purple goodness! Then I lined my lower lash line with both Inglot’s beautiful turquoise and Urban Decay’s insane green. Expect reviews on both. And then I topped it off with a blue mascara!

….the rest of the face.

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Sketch e/s
Stila Barbie Smudge Pot in Purple Pumps (my review here)
Urban Decay cream liner in Loaded
Inglot Crean liner in 87
YSL’s ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ Luxurious mascara (my review here)

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Born With It
Illamasqua sheer lip gloss in Tantrum

Fun colored liners bring some kind of personality to an otherwise boring look, uh? I want to do this again for a night look with more intensity. Yesss!!

And look at my cute Nine West booties!

I’m a good 5’10 in these things. I feel like I have style and grace when I wear them. Too bad I can’t walk in them to save my life. Exactly HOW long should it take to break in some shoes? Lawd….

I’ll actually be sittin’ still this weekend. Clumps duties are calling my name. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Stay beautiful,

  • LiAnn – Sparklecrack Central

    Gorgeous!! I like using "non-traditional" colors for liners, too – they don't always work as well with my coloring, but wearing makeup is as much about having fun as it is "looking stylish".

    Have you tried the Stila smudgepots (the holiday collection)? How is Stila's quality overall? I was debating getting the holiday smudge pot collection…

  • princessvalecia

    coastal scents has gel liners I've been meaning to check out…I really want to try more color range than what loreal cream liners allow!

  • Donna

    those booties are HOT!!! I love them!

  • xphoebelinax

    those shoes are fierce lady!! 😀

  • Mama Jen

    the liners look hot on you

  • Wednesdays Afterthought


  • beautyjudy

    An online store! Wooo! Both these liners look great together in this look! I love gel liners too but I love love the UD 24/7 liners too!

  • Faye Prettyhead

    Wow what a gorgeous look! (Yummy boots too! 😀 )

  • Execumama

    HA! I love it! Those boots are bananas, and it's hilarious that you don't walk in em. My secret: I buy the Hot Mama heels, and I walk in them all around my house for a few days before taking them "on the road". Works like a charm. I can bust my butt at home all day long w/ very little shame, and by the time I've done that a few times, I'm ready to take the show on the road. Try it!

    Thanks for hipping me to gel liners too! You need to do a class in Atlanta, b/c I don't know JACK!

  • Nicci@NiftyEats

    I love those shoes girl.

  • B

    Thank you, lovelies!

    LiAnn—> Yesss, I've seen that kit and if I didn't already have enough gel liners, I would get it. I think it's a great deal and I LOVE Stila's smudge pots.

    Execumama—> Class in ATL? DONE!!! See you in a few weeks. :)

  • Lara

    B, I bought a different pair of Nine West booties too and they KILL my feet. They are cute so I insist on wearing them but they hurt almost immediately I wear them. Not sure what's up with that.

  • B

    Lara—> You too? OMG, our poor feet. The things we do for beauty. LOL!