Giveaway Winners! Venus Embrace razors

So remember this giveaway that Venus sponsored in which 5 lucky ladies will win a Venus Embrace razor a piece? 65 of you and selected one number between the numbers 1 and 10.

I put each number on a piece of paper and folded them up.

Then I selected one:

2 it is! Each lady who selected the number 2 with her entry would have a chance to win. And guess what? Only five of you selected 2. Isn’t that funny? I checked and double checked. Congratulations to the lucky 5!

  • antithesis
  • Katie
  • izumi
  • kukaberry
  • lola

Be sure to shoot me an email at with your mailing information so we can get those razors off to you. Thanks again to Venus and stay tuned for another giveaway.

Love y’all!

  • Rai

    Congrats to the winners!