Iman Cosmetics Luxury Liquid Eyeliners

It’s the holiday season! This means you are probably heading to more parties in which you may want you eyes to sparkle and dazzle.

Iman Cosmetics’ Luxury liquid eyeliners can help you do just that.

But only if you know how to apply eyeliners…in which, I don’t. Don’t laugh at me. I have never been a liquid liner girl due to my clumsiness. But I’m getting better. Now…meet my friends!

We’ve got Sapphire to the left and Onyx to the right. They reside at for $10.99 each. I’ve never seen liquid liners like these. Onyx has bits of silver glitter in it. And Sapphire has neon green sparkles. Okay so that sounds scary, but nope…it blends beautifully with the high pigmented sapphire-esque liner color.

Swatches if you will?

The consistency of these liners are a little more water-y than I expected. My first stroke wasn’t what was hot in the streets.

But then again, it could very well be my application. The second time was a charm though and viola!

That’s better, right? And I wasn’t lying about the silver glitter, was I? Hotness!

Sapphire rocks too…

I like these babies. I do wish the consistency was a little thicker to prevent having to apply more than one coat but it’s something I can get used to. Never mind that I’ve been playing with make-up for like 2 years and STILL can’t apply liquid eyeliners.

Oh wells..

And while I think these babies could be a tad bit cheaper, they aren’t a bad buy for a lady looking for some dazzle during the holiday season.

Whatcha think? Expecting these as a stocking stuffer?

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  • MyFawny

    Here's what I find helps me with liquid or any other type of liner like that; I use short strokes blended together & then go back over with these angled q-tips I bought from CVS & clean up any boo-boos.

  • Jazz

    B , dont feel bad . I have been "playing" makeup since I was 16 , but still cant do liquid liners. Actually , my eyes don't like the liquid liners, so I stick to what they do like . One makeup artist at sephora told me to put the eyeliner on my hand , then use a angled liner brush to put it on my lid – just like you would for creme eyeliners

  • Melissa

    I suck at using liquid eyeliner with a brush. I recently bought NYX felt tipped liquid liners and it's soooo easy! Almost as easy as a pencil. I tried the Revlon version and it's awful (too watery).

  • beautyjudy

    You did a great job applying these liners! And I like sapphire. Pretty color combo you did!