OCC Lip Tars….I need more!

I’ve had these things for a minute. I have been to three of The Powder Group’s events and OCC had a booth at every one. I keep forgetting!

I need your help. Any lip tar fans out there? Which ones should I haul?
…oh, and if you don’t know about the fabulousness that are lip tars, find out more about these vegan, ultra-pigmented mixable glosses here.

  • Suzanne

    I'm not really a fan of them, but Grandma and Anime are nice colours.

  • noiretropicalbeauty

    I just bought Uber and I mix it with Clear and Chestnut lipliner for a nude look. I need to go back and get Katricia and Plum. Hope this helps.

  • slvrlips

    Hey B,

    I wasn't a huge fan of these in the beginning because of there slimmy feel but after buying the primary colors and black & white tars. I have found that the color combos are endless. I have made all tyoes of colors and it saved me loads of money. I have a post on my blog about but I suggest getting the primary colors and makig your own custom colors from them.
    Hope this helps :-)

  • Yvonne Kai
  • B

    Thanks a ton, y'all!