50 million pound challenge: Green smoothies are my BFF

I can’t tell y’all how many emails I get about green smoothies. I am SO glad to see this yummy drink become more and more popular. So here it is….the All About Green Smoothies post.

Q: What made you want to start drinking green smoothies?
A: During the summer of 2009 I wanted to try something new diet-wise. I really wanted to start falling in love with vegetables again and incorporate them more in my diet. Sooo…I went on a raw food diet and loved it. I read about green smoothies and fell in love. I love that they are cheap, portable, easy to make, delicious AND provide me more than the daily recommended amount of greens I need.

Q: What makes these things so healthy for you?
A: You’re kidding, right? Green smoothies are nothing but fruits and vegetables–the two kinds of food that most of us don’t eat enough of. I could talk all day about how the health benefits of green smoothies, but this article sums it all up!

Q: Wait…you mean it has vegetables in it? Eww! That means it tastes gross, right?
A: Nope. Thanks to naturally sweet fruits, you really can’t even taste the greens. Some people get turned off by the green color and I don’t know why. Green is beautiful!

Q: How often can you drink them?
A: I drink at least 40 oz of green smoothie a day. My body literally craves them. I put them in washable bottles and sip them in between meals. They are also excellent for breakfast, after a work-out and as a dessert. Oh…and I love them as energy boosters.

Q: Do you need a super pricey and amazingly awesome blender like a VitaMix?
A: Heck no! All of my blenders have been under $50. I’ve gone through 3 in about a year so I should probably invest in a top of the line blender. However…my cheap-self won’t allow me to make the purchase. :( No worries. My current Black & Decker Cyclone is holdin’ it down!

See how it got its name?

Q: How do you make a green smoothie?
A: I knew you’d ask that!

First, do know that there are no rules to making these babies. No measuring is needed. Mix this and add that and you’ve got a green smoothie .Ice and water are the foundation to my green smoothies. Not to mention without them you’ll be drinking what tastes like pureed grass. Trust me on this. And of course you need GREENS. Like kale, for example.

Kale is typically used as a garnish but when blended it provides an insane amount of Vitamin K. I use this and spinach the most. You can also use lettuce, parsley and chard. I tried collard greens once but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. *gags*

And then you need fruits!

I ALWAYS add a banana in my smoothies. They seem to do the best job at cutting the veggie taste. Be creative with your fruits. You can use anything in fresh or frozen form. Very rarely do I purchase expensive behind fruits from grocery stores. I like to support fresh fruit markets and go to one every Sunday after church. However, because of the season my market is on hiatus and I’m left to buying fruits from the grocery store. Do you need organic fruits? I guess it’s a personal thing. I always get organic apples because apples are more prone to getting zapped with pesticides with their permeable skin and all. But when it comes to bananas, berries, etc…I say my grace and move on.

Got milk?

I don’t add any milks to my smoothies unless I am making them for a dessert or want a little something special. Rice milk is a rarity for me. I LOVE almond milk but apparently so does everyone else in the world because it is always out of stock when I want it. Coconut milk=heaven. But fatty heaven and for that I only add it in smoothies every now and then. Feel free to use any kind of milk you like. I avoid cow’s and soy milk because they both are no bueño on my tummy.

Where da sugar at?

Adding a bit of sweetness to smoothies is also a rarity. Sometimes the fruits don’t provide enough and this is where additives come in. I only add a bit of raw cane sugar, honey, stevia or agave nectar. Maple syrup works well too but be careful….it is high in calories.

Flavor enhancements?

Some add whey and hemp protein to their smoothies. I haven’t tried either yet but I LOVE cinnamon and ginger. I also add a few drops of Vanilla extract in a smoothie if I really want a nice treat.

A blender full of green smoothie is enough to last me the whole day.

If I am detoxing, I double my intake of green smoothie and drink them in lieu of breakfast and lunch. The great thing about green smoothies is that they can last for a good 2-3 days in the fridge.

That’s it, y’all!

Some of my favorite random recipes include:

Sliced apples (super refreshing)

Coconut milk
….tastes like a green piña colada. Yum!

Almond milk
….full of antioxidants and GREAT for after work-outs.

Happy blending!

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  • GS

    You had me from… well I don´t know where you had me but you kinda convinced me, after all, I really like cucumber and grapefruit juice, without sugar, and it´s good!! but I might try one of those mixes.

    Oh and nice new layout!! I like.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! i've heard about these smoothies before..mainly from you. haha and i wasn't convinced until this post! i've really been trying to eat healthier and get the right amount of nutrition in my body because being healthy on the inside is the first step to looking healthy on the outside! i'm definitely going to try this out! thanks!!

  • ★JENN★

    Thanks! This was informative. What kind of differences have you noticed in your body since you've started? You say that your body actually crave green smoothies now…but in terms of how you feel/look/perform/etc.

  • Stephanie

    That's pretty cool, I hadn't really heard about these before and something about smoothified vegetables really turned me off initially. But as I kept reading, I found the idea more and more appealing, I'm gonna put my blender to good use now. Thanks, I learned a lot!

  • drrph

    LOVE IT! so much info and I so appreciate it!! I have wanted to try the green smoothies for so long and with this info I will make it happen! Thanks again and I SO miss Rants of Rebella :( and I love Loc Rocker!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    You're making me want one of those smoothies..lol

  • Maia

    i totally LOVE the new look of your website :) thanks for providing us all that info on green smoothies, makes me want to try one! lol xx maia from italy

  • Ashwini

    OMG I can't wait to try those recipes! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Green Smoothies RULE! YUM!!!!

    Fun pictures you posted. :)


  • Mz. More

    Thanks for this informative post. I need to try this, sounds like a great way to keep the colon healthy along w/ other health benefits. Loving the new site girl!

  • Cherise` V

    Lovin it!
    Ive soooo been waiting for this im so glad you finally put it up. Btw I LOOOOVE the nails!

  • seSi

    I had a green smoothie this morning.


    Yummyyy! Not different from any other smoothie BUT with MORE and BETTER nutrients with the spinach and carrot.

    Merci for the idea.

  • Shi

    Thanks so much for this! I'm starting school again next week on a pretty grueling schedule (8AM-4PM, and then an hour commute there, and an hour commute back) and I'm really looking to cut down on drinking four cups of coffee per day. This is perfect! And I LOVE the nails!

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely try these smoothies!! Love your nails!!

  • HV

    Green smoothies are so good! I'm so glad to see how many people are finding out how awesome green smoothies are.

  • MissAmara

    I love green smoothies!! I also love fresh green juices (cucumbers, green apples, celery, honeydew, spinach, and ginger). Very refreshing.

  • B

    I told y'all! Green smoothies will change yo liiiife!

  • B

    Jenn—> Opps, forgot to answer your question. I have more energy. So much that I am training for a 5K. This coming from a chick who was NEVER an athlete. :)

  • Sarah

    I tried these smoothies about three weeks ago because of you, so thank you! I got my husband to have a small glass with me every morning, and it's probably the most green his body has seen in a while. I've been using collard greens, and I was surprised that I can't taste them at all. Maybe I got a lucky batch! Anyways, thanks for sharing! You're awesome :)

  • Sophia

    I have to try these!

  • Anita

    oooh…I'm not sure if I'd be able to stomach that XD it brings back memories…
    I actually have a really, really, really strong stomach. which is peculiar, because every person in my mom's family including her and my sister all have issues with that, but I was never heredetarily cursed XD BUT…regardless..

    one day, my ballet class has some kids who were doing one of those packaged food goods sales for their school. They were selling "Crayola pizza" with dyed bread and sauce.

    The one we got had green sauce.

    That may have been one of the only times in my whole life that I've upchucked for reasons other than tummy bugs.

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