Acne Sucks: Guest Post on her fight against acne

Hey y’all….so I’ve found that a lot of my great advice about clear and healthy skin has come from not my dermatologist but from the rest of you! Check out some tips that reader Noorie from Atlanta is sharing with us. Feel free to add!

As someone who’s been suffering from acne for almost a decade, here are my top tips:

*A few things I’ve noticed and picked up over the years about foundation and acne:

-It’s “ok” to use as long as you take it off as soon as you get home. Not a good thing to leave on from morning to night like I did while on a recent vacation. It’s just… bad and will cause break outs.

-It’s pretty harmless if you use much lighter coverage foundations. One I used to have was Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation (see above) and L’oreal True Match: both very runny and not as thick as let’s say Revlon Colorstay. Concealer is a MUCH better idea for covering imperfections and will covers up any brown spots better.

-I only use foundation on places where I need it, not all over my face like I see some make up guru’s and artists doing.

*DE from Beautylogic also gave rave reviews about the Clairsonic. I’ll have to try it out in the future too and soon Clumps Of Mascara will also be having a detailed review. <--coming soon at a theater near you!

*Another thing I’ve noticed/learned is that washing my face at night wasn’t always enough- especially if you sweat a lot or use make up. Here’s my night time routine:

*Living healthier (eating less processed foods and dairy), some exercise, enough fiber to keep you regular (oh yea! I went there) and water all help me feel and look better too. When I’m not excerisizing I notice my face breaks out a bit more. I’m not sure why. They say when you sweat, toxins are released thru the pores, which is what I’m thinking too.

*I have tried almost every single brand of acne products in the past. Gosh, how I remember standing in the skincare aisles, reading each product that claimed to have you acne free in days.

Now I know a bit better:
-Most acne products will do the same. Whether it’s gel cleansers and scrubs, pads, acne drying gels, etc. Some toners ARE better than others though and are less over drying and/or get deeper into the pores. You have to decide whether you prefer Benzoyle peroxide products or Salicylic.
-I highly recommend 3 step products to everyone. I used Proactive when I was 18, and my skin just cleared up in 2 weeks! My scars faded and everything, but sadly I don’t feel it has the same effect on me anymore. I’ve heard the same from other people who use it. It’s still worth a try though.

And if you don’t want to shell out the $40 there are tons of other great 3 step acne kits available in drugstores which also get the job done. I tried the one from Clearasil and I liked it. Neutrogena also has a good one. These kits are great because you get everything you need: a cleaners, toner and acne drying gel. The Clearasil one even comes with a spot treatment.

Feel free to provide any insight on your experiences with acne. A strong support system is SO key in fighting this monster.

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  • Lora

    Hi B. :) Happy 2010 to you!
    While I'm still occassionally breaking out due to stress, etc., the main 2 things that helped clear my skin out the past year (and I mean REALLY clear it out!) are 1) not touching your face periodically. the oils from your hands get onto your face = no no. 2) Drink lots of water. This is a natural cleanser. I'm thinking about buying a skin tone corrector, I'm aiming to be mostly acne-free by the end of this year!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Great post…thanks B

  • Miss Boom

    One word, Accutane. You will never have to worry about acne again. It was a Godsend for me.

  • mschatfield

    I'm 17, and while I'm not prone to massive breakouts like some of my friends, I do get the occasional very noticeable spot.
    The best product that I have ever tried in terms of ridding my face of spots is Lush's Grease Lightning.
    I use Lush products for absolutely everything because of their fresh, natural ingrediants. Also because they make their cosmetics Vegan-friendly which is just the best thing in the world.
    But I digress; the other day, I could feel a spot coming up under the skin on my chin. I panicked and used a chemical product (L'Oreal, I think it was) that my sister had given me. It didn't do a thing in terms of making the spot go away. So, I decided to go back to my natural treatment and I dabbed some of Grease Lightning onto it. The next morning, the redness, swelling and pain was all gone.
    Excellent stuff, and I recommend it totally.
    Link's below. : )

  • Mz. More

    Ditto on the Grease Lightning. I've been using it for the past month or so along with some other LUSH products and it has been wonderful!

  • bellezza di sorella

    Hey y'all. So I have finally gotten rid of the acne monster but now I am left with beautiful hyper-pigmentation and extremely uneven skin tone and texture. I was considering getting a facial peel but was a little uneasy about it (first of all price, second of all the idea of peeling off my skin freaks me out a little). I was curious if anyone else has gotten one and what the results were.

    Thanks so much!

  • eat_apples

    I stumbled upon plain ole Dove soap as a cure for my adult acne. I was using it while overseas and lazy me used it on my face too instead of my usual Neutrogena. Wowza! Now my skin is actually soft and clear. It ain't broke so I ain't even tryin to fix it!

  • Goldilocs

    I started breaking out, terribly, after I went off my birth control. My dermatologist gave me a prescription for aldactone (which is one of the ingredients of BC, gives the benefits of being on BC, acne wise, without having to be on BC) and in 2 weeks my face was clear AND past scars were gone! My skin is even, radiant and best of all acne free!!! yippee!

  • Jennie

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  • Jennie

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  • Leeblee

    B., I just read through all of your Acne Sucks posts – THANK YOU!!!