Amor de Lacquer: Sally Hansen is bringin’ it!

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So um….have y’all been keeping your eyes on Sally Hansen’s polishes? Lately they have REALLY been surprising me with fabulous colors and collections. I mean…they seriously have something for everyone.

A few weeks ago I was doing my weekly drugstore run when two of their stands literally knocked me over.

Exhibit A…

The colors are insane, y’all. I’ve played around with the wide Insta-Dri brush before and while it takes some getting used to, I can appreciate it. One stroke and your entire nail is covered.

Exhibit B…

Now these seem to be the new kids on the block. What a wonderful debut. That Grass Slipper (cute name) has got to be mine! I love the bottle designs too. But the $7.99 price tag? Not so much. Oh wait….remember when I reviewed the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen collection? I think that this is the same polish but with a new look.

I love the Extreme Wear polishes.

Twisted Pink layered with In The Spotlight run for less than $3 each but they are even cheaper than that with a Walgreens or CVS buy 1, get 1 free sale. Holla!

And then they have the Diamond Strength polishes which is a line that my Grandma and I can both choose from. Mommy’s Mommy in Ohio would probably choose something like Toast of the Town…

Whereas I’d head towards Mon Cherie…

And they have plenty of options in between. Even lovely silver and gold glitters.

I like the Diamond Strength polishes. With extended wear, they really do seem to keep the nails nice and hard with minimal chipping. Gotta love it!

Sally Hansen is really making me smile. Their website is even user-friendly. That is a total rarity for a drugstore polish brand. Now I know what you’re going to say next.

“B, stop bragging! Sally Hansen isn’t even sold in the Philippines/Aruba/
Canada/Trinidad/the Netherlands/Kenya.”

I know, right? I have friends in the states that can’t even locate newer Sally Hansen collections. It seems like distribution is limited. Whyyyyy? *tears*

Hopefully in 2010 we’ll see Sally Hansen not only come out with more gorgeous colors but hit your favorite store in your city.

Are you a Sally Hansen fan?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,


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  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I'm a big fan of the Sally Hansen XtremeWear line. I tried that new $8 polish, and it's just OK…not "oh-em-gee!!" So that $8 price tag is too much!

    I got a bunch of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes from CVS when they were having that fantabulous cosmetics sale last week. I'll be sure to review them on 52Flavors soon!

    Great post, B!

  • LipGlossGossip

    I saw those a few weeks ago at the drugstore, in the second picture. I like the way they looked too but passed because of the price. I still want to try a couple though. I will be checking for a sale! :-)

    How do you store your nail polish? I'm thinkin of ordering a nail polish rack from ebay because my nail polish organization is not happening!

  • Askmewhats

    I can't believe how expensive our Sally Hansen polishes are down here! your nails look gorgeous B :)

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    I'd like to try the new complete Salon Manicure polish, but for $8 a pop…I can just grab a bottle of OPI…def need a BOGO sale for those babies!

  • Alina

    I love Sally Hansen Nail Polishes! I especially love their Insta-Dri ones. Personally, I love the wide brush it contains-it makes painting my nails a breeze. I want all of the colors in that line lol.

  • adorepink

    I know what you mean, I'm loving the new SH. I have been waiting on a sale at CVS or Walgreens to try out those new polishes they have out. When they initially came out, they were BOGO free at Walgreens, but I didnt move fast enough and missed the deal. :-( Now I'm anxiously waiting for another sale.

  • Milan

    I love Sally Hansen nail polishes! They are great. That new collection is purrrrrty!

  • Anonymous

    I lovee the way Extreme Wear looks – but was it hard to take off with polish remover??


  • B

    Anon—> Nope, it surprisingly was not!

  • sel

    ughghg i am still crying over missing out on tracey reese!

  • Vivabrownbeauty a.k.a Stephanie

    arent you the big spenda? lol

  • FabDiva20

    I'm a total fan of Sally Hanson's Diamond Strength nail polishes! They are so pretty! Even though I haven't bought them in a long time since I've been buying some China Glaze nail polishes!

  • Anonymous

    I just bought an Insta-Dri polish in Blue Streak. Its this slightly darkened teal-based bright blue loaded with aqua shimmer. Its GORGEOUS!

  • Execumama

    See, and this is why I try NOT to visit your site regularly. You grab me and whirl me around in your Alice-in-Wonderland world of fly colored polishes (my absolute addiction, especially when GLITTER is involved), and I lose valuable time that should be spent on my writing.

    Dear COM, please never leave, but try to be less interesting, just a bit, just until I'm a little more disciplined.
    Nail Polish Junkie on her way to CVS right nah!

  • Anonymous

    How do you get the Diamond Strength polish so smooth? Every time I have used it, the glitter clumps together and leaves bumps on my nails.

  • B

    Anon—> Try using a base coat!