Celeb Spotlight: Letoya’s nude lips

| January 28, 2010 | 19 Comments

Now y’all know I don’t keep up with celebrities too much but every time I see Letoya Luckett, I am just in love with her make-up! Remember when she wore that insane purple lip? She is just absolutely stunning. I LOVE this look on her. Nude lips, volumized lashes and bronzed cheeks. I also detect a little green liner on the waterline which adds a nice unexpected pop of color. Total perfection.

And I won’t even get on how gorgeous her hair is either. She is just one fabulous lady. Rock on. Letoya!

I posted about rocking a nude lip here but mine doesn’t look anywhere near as awesome as Letoya’s. Tips anyone? Maybe I need a super nude glosss. But not too nude because it may too cool for my warm complexion. Hmm…

How do you rock a nude lip?

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  1. DWJ says:

    I usually use Three Custom color concealer to take out the pink of my natural lip color and then go over it with a great nude or bronze/shimmering gloss to get a look like that. Bare Escentuals Buxom line has some great nude pencils/lipsticks that give the same effect.

  2. DistantDreamer says:

    I use Laura Mercier's Lip Spackle to conceal my lips and then depending on how light I want the nude color to be I'll either throw a nude lipstick on top of that or just my Maybelline Lip Polish in Flesh Light.

  3. Les'Nspired Expressions says:

    I heard somewhere to get a great nude lip for your skin tone is to follow the color on the inside of your lip. I tried this and it works. It gives you a nude that on someone else may look pink or different. Is it only me or does Latoya seem to have a bit of pink on those nude lips?

  4. Andrea says:

    MAC lipstick in Siss!!!! Perfect for ladies with darker skin, because we need nude lips too sometimes :) Siss and some gloss does the trick for me at least.

  5. sunyblack says:

    My complexion is similar to yours, and I found the perfect nude shade at MAC, in Revealing. I combine that with the chestnut lip liner, and come out with a pretty great nude lip.

  6. Kizzy says:

    I LOVE how her skin looks. Any tips to how to get that? :-D

  7. Safia Michelle says:

    So for the perfect nude lip for brown girls Lipsick Mixtapes suggest : MAC's Fresh Brew Lipstick with Wildly Lush Plushglass. For the cute lil Becky's out there go for BLankety by MAC with Oak liner and C-thru lipglass. Works err time.

  8. Alex says:

    If I apply a lip liner the color of my inner lip before my lipstick it gives me a more seamless result and prevents my natural lip color from showing through. So far my favorite nude is YSL Rouge Volupte #4.

  9. Moni says:

    MAC Entice lipglass!!! One of the few that I've completely used up.

  10. slackey210 says:

    I always rock a nude lip when wearing a dramatic or overly colorful eyeshadow. Can't have alot going on with both the eyes and the lips. My current fave nude gloss is one from a Tarte giftset that I picked up around Christmas time. They don't have names on them so I have no idea what color it is. It gives me just the right shine without being teenage girl glossy.

  11. Jazz says:

    I dont really like the nude lips on me , so my idea of a nude lip is wearing either clear or a pinky-brown lipgloss .

  12. Claudia LeBebe says:


    Ok now that I got your attention, You need to get maybelline extreme moisture lipcolor in G 132 nude blush. It's a nude with a hint of peach. Trust me it's perfect!

  13. kimie says:

    She looks pretty fab! i love Letoya Luckett!! =]

  14. MAP says:

    When you go to the MAC counter – try chestnut lipliner with revealing lipglass. for a sexier look, layer MAC's clear lipglass on top. This look is great. I'm pretty brown but my cousin actually introduced me to this combo and she is very light! It looks great on both of us.

    When I want more of a pink-y nude look, I use MAC chestnut lipliner with Stila lip polish in Gleam (got it at Sephora).

    Sometimes I layer with Sephora lip gloss in Gold & glow. It's really pretty because has gold specks in it. One thing though is that Sephora's lip glosses always make my lips itch! It's so annoying because they have so many pretty colors and they give you that gift set of lip glosses for your birthday. Maybe you won't have that problem though, because I'm the only one out of my friends that has that problem.

    I'll repeat the list to make it easier for you.

    MAC Lipglass in Revealing w/ MAC Chestnut lipliner

    Stila Lip Polish in Gleam w/ MAC Chestnut lipliner

    Optional (for layering on top) – MAC Lipglass in Clear and Sephora Lip gloss in Gold and Glow

  15. Stefanie says:

    LET ME TELL YOU A NEW INEXPENSIVE FIND I STUMBLED UPON LOL!!!! NYX lip gloss in "Natural". When I tell you, it is a PERFECT nude, I am not kidding. I bought it a while ago when I did an Ulta haul and forgot all about it but when I was looking for another gloss, I found that one in my bin. I am so glad I did. I have MAC's siss, fresh brew, mad cap, revealing, lust, and the list can go on but I am really feeling Natural!

  16. Black Girls Run! says:

    I LOVE this look. I usually can pull it off with a gloss that has a subtle shade of pink. But, I'm going to switch it up and try the chestnut lipliner from MAC and find a great nude gloss.

  17. Black Girls Run! says:

    I LOVE this look. I usually can pull it off with a gloss that has a subtle shade of pink. But, I'm going to switch it up and try the chestnut lipliner from MAC and find a great nude gloss.

  18. What's The Rage says:

    OMG! I am doing a nude lip post on my blog! It's kind of like a Kim K nude, it looks great darker skin tones. I'm posting the pics soon!

  19. What's The Rage says:

    I posted the jlo/kim k nude Nicole, please check it out! everyone else too!

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