Giveaway! Carol’s Daughter Princess and the Frog gift set

Remember when I did a post about meeting the lovely Lisa Price at the Carol’s Daughter Princess and the Frog event? I forgot that I snagged one of those darling gift set to give away to one lucky Clumps of Mascara reader!

These Magical Beauty Gift sets are currently sold out online.  What comes in the set?

* Shampoo “The Beauty Within” – 8 fl. oz.
* Conditioner “Inner Shine” – 8 fl. oz.
* Bubble Bath “Sharing Means Caring” – 8 fl. oz.
* Loofah

How cute! I was actually going to save it for my goddaughter but uh…she won’t be born until mid-February. HA! So perhaps your daughter, granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, little sister, BFF’s daughter, mentee, student or favorite youngin will love this.

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Be sure that your email address has been verified and viola! To let me know you are interested in this giveaway, send me an email at Title your email with “For the princess!” and let me know who you plan on giving it to. This contest is open to International readers and ends on Saturday, February 6th at 12:00 p.m. EST. Around this time I will be hosting my BFF’s baby shower! <—a penny to anyone who can give me any baby shower tips. I’m scurred!

Good luck!

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  • Princess Mina

    Her darling, great giveaway! For hosting the baby shower…been there done that 80 times! I say, try to clean as you go along, it'll make it easier in the end. I decorated waste baskets and put vanilla scented white trash bags in them & placed them in several key places so everyone would toss there trash (from eating, etc) in them instead of laying it around.

    I cut up pink paper and had everyone write there name, addy & email on them as they arrived and give them back to me. As gifts were opened I'd find the persons paper and write down what gift they gave so thank you card time was super easy! If everyone has email it's great because you can send e-cards…go green! Lol.

    The clothes pin game is always a hit. Everyone gets a close pin (or other small object). If they say "baby" they give the pin to whomever caught them. Person with the most pins at the end of the shower gets a small gift. I gave home made soap sets.
    I could go on forever but it'd take up your whole comment space! Lol. Enjoy!

  • sabrina

    This is a cute giveaway. I have a friend whose daughter is obsessed with the Princess and the Frog. She would love this gift.

    In addition to the clothespin game, you can do the "guess the baby food" game. Get a couple of jars of food, take the labels off, and let people guess what the foods are. Another game is the safety pins in rice game. Take a bunch of safety pins and put them in a bowl with uncooked rice. Let people try to pick the pins out of the bowl in 30 seconds while their eyes are closed.

    You can make a diaper cake (with rubber bands so that the diapers can be used); instructions are on the web.