Happy Martin Luther King Day 2010!

In the USA, today is an observed holiday known as Martin Luther King Day. For years I have celebrated this holiday by participating in programs, parades and simply honoring the gentleman that paved the way for all people in the great U.S.A. It isn’t a day of rest for me but a day of remembrance and appreciation. While Clumps of Mascara is a beauty blog, I love incorporating a little history too.

Y’all know I’m a nerd. :)

To read about Martin Luther King and his impact in American life, click here. And if you really want an in depth history lesson about MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, watch the Eyes on the Prize series. You can find them in libraries or the neo-library known as YouTube. Here’s one video. Enjoy!

Knowledge is beauty!

  • Mz. More

    Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to you as well! :)

  • Janine

    MLK is a hero of mine. He was simply amazing. I believe if he were alive today, he would have contributed to Gay rights, which is the civil rights movement of the 21st century in the USA. Civil rights still have a looong way to go, if ALL good men and women are to be considered equal. Let us continue this fight and others in his memory :)

  • Vanilla

    happy martin luther king day too!

  • Valz

    Happy Martin Luther King day 😀
    This is such a beautiful holiday, I wish somehow we had it in Italy, as well: some people deserve to be globally remembered.

  • τreciä

    This Canadian would like to join in on the history. Happy MLK to The whole clumps family.

    agreed.. knowledge is Beauty!!!