Help for Haiti

As most of you know the country of Haiti has suffered a massive earthquake leaving many of the residents in bad shape. I have yet to view any pictures or television footage. I just can’t. My heart is literally breaking at the thought of so many of my close friends loosing family members. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of you who have loved ones in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora.

Yesterday my girl Luvvie tweeted about; Wycleaf Jean’s earthquake fund. A few clicks and you can donate any amount you choose. After spreading the word about Yele Haiti, several other bloggers jumped on board and placed the banner on their blogs. Several of us have tweeted and told our Facebook fam about these efforts too.

I want y’all to know that I have donated and will continue to give what I can and will continually support this mission. I hope that you do too. If you are a fellow blogger or have a website and would like a link to that banner, send me an email at:

Map preye pou nou!
  • Amina

    My heart goes to Haiti too! I have many haitians friends and I donated as well hoping that it will help.This is such a tragedy!

  • Safia Michelle

    please send me info so I can post on the site. Thanks for keeping us informed. Did you see my write up about you?

  • kateypie35

    I did watch CNN, and then did not sleep all night. Horrifying and heart breaking.
    Another good charity is OXFAM who will work to bring clean water. No matter who you may choose to donate to, every penny is so needed.

  • Lara

    It's so devastating, and what's worse is that the country was in such bad shape to start off with that even trying to get help into the place is a challenge. I mean, the poor residents have no where to turn to. I can't imagine the pain and suffering. There are so many opportunities to give. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and then give a little more than your original thought was to give. God bless Haiti and its people!

  • B. Pierre

    Thanks so much for your sharing. The more people who know the better. Just a $5 donation equals out to $35 in Haiti. And I too am interested in placing the banner on my blogs.

  • Yadi

    i want to thank you for spreading the word abt and trying to get people to donate.
    My sister in law is there in port au prince in the town of canape vert visiting a friend. we haven't heard from her nor can we get thru to anyone from there. its so sad and terrifying. she is my husbands twin sister and he is beyond devastated. please anyone and everyone PLEASE make a donation.I have donated what little i could to as many organizations i can. every dollar helps. LOVE AND PRAYERS TO ALL