Lil’ Kim shows how not to wear blush…

| January 19, 2010 | 12 Comments

Now y’all know it’s not in my nature to ridicule the beauty and fashion choices of celebrities. Or anyone really. I’m too busy trying to work on my own choices. HA! But Lil’ Kim just makes it way too easy. She is one of the reasons why I think many brown girls don’t think they can wear blush.

Hmmm mmmmm, I’ve heard it too.

“I don’t want to wear blush and look like Lil’ Kim.”
Come on, y’all. One glance at Lil’ Kim’s cheeks and it doesn’t take a professional make-up artist to know that she fails to blend. She applies the blush in a quick strip and moves on. FAIL, my sista. FAIL.
Apply your blush with a light hand and blend blend blend!
It really is that simple. Check out my Blush Application post and video here. And her brows? Well that those bad boys are for another post for another day. Kim? I’m gon keep praying for you, sista.

Have any blush tips? Share!

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  1. Kizzy says:

    I've been really into blush lately and this is definitely not how I wanna make my face look like!!

  2. The Pretty Brown Girl says:

    I'm trying with blush too. I will check out your video for good tips.

    As for Kimberly Jones…*sigh*
    She hasn't looked "normal" since Y2K.

    CAPTCHA word:diess

  3. Alex says:

    Poor girl, it's like she's trying to get the whole pan's worth on her face. It looks like it would be a pretty color too if she just used less… much, much less.

  4. LipGlossGossip says:

    I used to not like wearing blush but I've gotten better at it though, at least I think so Ha! :D

  5. Rai says:

    I truly have always hoped no one is paid to make her face look like crap. :(

  6. Mz. More says:

    She looks horrid… but when doesn't she?! smh lol

  7. Lisalis says:

    I love blush but used to wear the totally wrong color for me…reddish brown. Once I brightened up my blush, switched to a sheerer, easy-to-blend formula I looked fresher and, dare I say, younger :)

  8. Milan says:

    Light applications to the apples of the cheeks and blend upward! Best brush to use is a "skunk" brush in my opinion!! ;)

  9. Lora says:

    It seems everything she has in pairs in this pic is wrong. Oversized hoops, overdone brows, overapplied blush… and overpumped boobs LOL.

  10. Kimboo says:

    Sad to say I've worn my blush like this due to poor lighting. It reminds me of that cowboy puppet that have the really red cheek "Howdy Doody"

  11. sabrina says:

    There is more than just her blush at fault. I just don't understand…if she did this herself, she has no friends. If a mua did this, they should be fired, and she has no friends. SMH

  12. Pumps and Gloss says:

    I like her e/b lol…they are too long after the arch though, but good first start.

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