New goodies from NARS and Maybelline

Ohhhh goodness, there are some fabulous products coming our way, y’all. Check out NARS Spring 2010 collection.

I normally don’t post promo photos, but I am LOVING this collection. NARS is one of those brands that I only purchase from sporadically because they are super pricey. I think I’m long overdo. The want polish, lippies, pencil and shadows (oh wait…that’s everything, ha!).

A few days ago I tweeted a photo of some new Maybelline mascaras that I saw in an NYC Walgreens.

I also spotted was a Lash Stiletto Voluminous. Holla! Can’t wait to try these out. Here is additional information about those XXL Pro mascaras.


* 2-step process mimics the pro routine of layering powder and mascara to achieve dramatic volume.
* Available in two washable shades (Very Black and Brownish Black) and two waterproof shades (Very Black and Brownish Black); SRP $9.40.


* Forget troublesome false lashes and messy glues. This 2-step mascara features brush-on extensions that give lash-lengthening results similar to what the pros get with combs and false lashes!
* Available in one washable and one waterproof shade (Very Black); SRP $9.40.


* Achieve an eye-opening curl without the lash curler! The primer curls the lashes, while the mascara gives bold color and sets the curl for 24 hour hold.
* Available in one washable and one waterproof shade (Very Black); SRP $9.40.


* The unique formula gives the long-wear benefits of a waterproof mascara with the more dramatic look of washable mascara.
* This 2-step mascara copies the pro routine of layering waterproof mascara over washable mascara: the base coat provides intense black volume for maximum impact, then the top coat builds an impermeable shield for 24 hour wear.
* Available in one washable waterproof shade (Very Black); SRP $9.40.

So many to choose from right? If you had to choose just one, which one would it be? I’m all about that volume, baby!

Look for reviews…coming soon!

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  • Amina

    I mma need Maybelline to stop coming out with a new mascara every week. I keep trying all of them and can't make up my mind which one I like the best

  • Amanda

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'm begging you, do a review on Elizabeth Arden's Double Density Mascara as your next mascara monday, just put the others on hold for one week! I need to get my cousin (who's obessed with mascara) a good mascara, and I trust only your opinion. I can't give in to buy the Lancome Oscillation, and I don't just want to get Mary something from the drugstore. Please do a review on the Elizabeth Arden Double Density mascara! Her birthday is next wednesday!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I wish upon a shooting star…

  • Retrodiva

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Pro Extensions. I wonder if it will be a drugstore dupe for my beloved Diorshow, because that would be the best ever! I've noticed Maybellene really has stepped up their game recently, which is nice.

  • Milan

    that Nars collection looks great! And I definitely can't wait to try Lash Stiletto Voluminous! Thx!

  • Anonymous

    Xxl pro extensions sounds perfect! I wonder if it will be sold in Finland too.. too bad if not

  • BeautyMaven

    XXL Pro Extensions!!

  • Jade

    XXL Pro 24HR Bold! I only buy "long-wearing" mascara. In Chicago, I'm exposed to the elements, so I need a mascara that last and not smudge by the 4th hour!

  • B

    Amanda—> I'm so sorry, lady. I'll add it to my list but I've got to go. And I like to give mascaras a full week before I test their awesomeness. Or suckiness.

  • Rachaychay

    I tried the XXL pro extensions mascara…it gave me unbelievable length just like false lashes! i felt like the girl advertising it! it has a couple issues…smuging (even though mine is waterproof) >:( and the black stuff sometimes doesn't cover all the white primer. but i love it!!