NYC from the eyes of Clumps!

I am always getting so many emails from ladies who have never been to the lovely NYC to take as many pictures as possible. Lately my last few trips haven’t been around the Times Square area but I strolled down there just for y’all.

…well, that and Inglot.

Enjoy the video! I have a ton of random commentary. Don’t mind me. Pictures will soon follow. I’m off to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC…Sea!

  • kateypie35

    2 of my bestest friends live in NYC…its such a fun place! Looks like you are having fun!
    Hey, are you going to BlogHer in NYC in August? I AM! hint hint hint hint hint

  • Izar

    Hey B!

    Happy birthday girl! *hug*
    Also, I wish you a wonderful year 2010: love, happiness, and success, and may life give you everything you wish for.

    Lots of love,

  • Tira

    I just moved across the river. I loooooove living so close to NYC.

  • TiffC

    OMG!!! Sea is my fav restaurant too!!!! BUTTTTTT….I hope you arent going to the Sea in Manhattan….if so you are def missing out BIG TIME!!! You MUST go to the Sea in Williamsburg, Brooklyn…its the same great food and GREAT prices but the decor is AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! You must try it out before you leave NYC if you havent already!

  • fittwentysix

    LOL@you talking about Diddy and the girl with her back out! Hope you are enjoying your birthday =) Thanks for the tour!

  • kateypie35

    I had to comment again, because my husband reminded me of something I COMPLETELY blocked out of my head. My weirdest "only in NY" moment. I met my 2 besties with our husbands and babies for a nice brunch in Manhattan. After we ate, we were hanging outside the restaurant chatting and taking pictures. Suddenly there was a commotion on the corner, about 15 feet away from us…a woman, nicely dressed and clean, but clearly INSANE was taking a poop right there on the corner. Broad daylight, just lifted her skirt and defecated. It was horrifying and disgusting and fascinating and disturbing. We promptly all crossed the street and went our separate ways…you can't really go back to your carefree brunch chatter when you just saw a woman poop on the corner, know what I mean?

  • B

    TiffC—> Aww mannnn, I ended up going to the one in Manhattan. Craziness b/c I'm actually staying in Brooklyn so I could have visited the one here. Oh well…next time. :)

    katey—> LOL!!! The sad thing is, things like that are all but normal in NYC. Especially in Times Square where all kinds of craziness happens.

  • Krystal Grant

    I have never been to NYC. It's waaaayyyyy crowded. I'd go crazy.

  • yadi Quinones

    i am a native new yorker who lives in brooklyn and yes this video is totally new york city times square all day every day lol

    i work not far from times square 7th ave and 35th street right across from macys

    i love your blog long time reader first time commenter! happy birthday and enjoy the frigid days you have left here !

  • Natalie

    I love your random commentary it makes your vids all the more funny and interesting

  • GangStarr Girl

    We have to get you away from Times Square. Come back when the weather breaks (usually May) and I'll show you BK. If you like Sea, I have nuff Thai spots and brick oven pizza spots and Caribbean spots and Latin spots that you'll love!