Run to your nearest CVS cosmetics’ aisle now!

What you see in the above photo are some INSANE deals I got at CVS. Maybe they are cleaning up their cosmetics’ departments or maybe they’re just being friendly…who knows and who cares. All I know is some of my favorite drugstore goodies are 75% off! I mean wow…

L’Oreal HIP duos ended up being $1.99. That’s $6.00 off!
Milani quads were $1.75. Saved me $5.24!

Of course, I don’t need all of that stuff. I purchased them for random giveaways. Stay tuned. I’m headed to the Clumps of Mascara Facebook page first!

Have you found any sales at your neighborhood CVS? Do tell!

  • SanTara

    I hit up my local cvs this weekend and went crazy.I am a bit jealous because the voluminous mascara was not o sale @ my store. Oh, well off to another

  • The Big Girl Blog!

    CVS is my fave drugstore… I've been curious about HIP, but if you buy it then I know I should :-) I will head over tonight… thanks! xoxo

  • adorepink

    I went to my CVS last night and nothing. Big fat nothing. I looked all up and down the aisles for those stickers but they were nowhere to be found. Maybe stores start at different times. Walgreens is also having a beauty sale.

  • Stacy

    I am headed to CVS on my lunchbreak today!! Hope to find some good deals.

  • Milan

    I need to check another CVS by my house because the first one I went to had buy one get one 50% off but the green stickers were NOWHERE to be found!

  • Niki Cheapskate

    I racked up on the HIP shadow paints, milani quads, and l'oreal lipsticks.

  • bellezza di sorella

    Hey ladies,

    A lot of the drugstore brands are re-packaging their products (like Covergirl face powders and products), Sally Hansen, L'Oreal, etc. That's probably why CVS and Walgreen's are having their products on sale. Check out Ulta too cause they are having a ton of stuff on promo or clearance (there eyeshadow are only 3 dollars compared to their usual seven dollars, with eyeliners being a buck).

    Have fun! :)

  • Stacy

    Ok, so I went to CVS and Walgreens at luch since they are practically next to eachother. I got a HIP crayon (don't really even know what it's for, just looked interesting), Milani lippies & all over shimmer palettes, bronzer, covergirl nailpolish and Maybelline XXL mascara. I think that should satisfy my beautyfix for a while. :-)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    CVS rules…nuff

  • Beyond Outer Beauty

    I went crazy too…..I bought Milani, Loreal HIP, Revlon, and Physician's Formula. When it was all said and done I had about 35 items. My husband was standing next to me double blinking…LOL. Yeah…I know I need a little bit of help but what great deals.

  • SoulSunshine

    Thank you! I went on my lunch break and got thirty dollars worth of stuff for only $11.00!!! I didn't need one thing I bought…lol BUT I just couldn't help myself.

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    My CVS had Milani polish for 49cents, L'Oreal lipsticks for 79cents, a couple Revlon matte e/s for 49cents, and Revlon matte lipsticks for 79cents…unfortunately nothing was marked to show these prices…I happened to grab some stuff with 75% off tags on them and they ended up being much, much cheaper!!

  • MsLady27

    My CVS was just awesome, I had to go by two different stores to get different colors but it was so worth it!!!Thank you Brittany for the very valuable info!!!

  • Danielle

    I made a special visit to CVS today and came home empty handed. No sales to be found. :(

  • noemii

    omg i was soo excited to go my local cvs today and buy a bunch a stuff [which i did] but i bought some stuff that had been tampered with ! i was so upset because i don't think there are any more ]: boo . and they were so unorganized ! things had stickers that were not even on sale even though there were multiple of the same products with that lovely green sticker ..grr .
    but i saved $44.33 .
    heck yeah !

  • Jazz

    I grabbed things that said 75 percent off and looked interesting … so I got a loreal mineral eyeliner , revlon creme eyeshadow , and 2 loreal color juice lipglosses. Im thinking about going to another one to see those deals , but since im not supposed to by buying makeup we will see about that

  • suga

    This sale must only be going on in certain parts of the country. I went to 2 CVS stores (in the bay area, CA) and the only sale they had was "buy one, get the 2nd half off". That wasnt cheap enough for me since I'm wanting to stock up on HiP paints and crayons. I'd still be spending over $15 for only two items with that type of sale. Praying we get the 75% off deal soon and very soon lol

  • Trebbles

    :O Omg I wish we had a cvs here!!! Those prices are AMAZING I Love the Milani quads they're my favorite, awh now im sad I cant spend all my money hehe

  • NewRibena

    I went this morning before work and there was a sad mix of things still available. Of course the HIP duos were not on sale or any Milano quads. Just boring ill colored L'Oreal lipsticks and other odds and ends. I'll try the other CVS on my way home and wish for better luck.

  • Brittany

    Thanks for the heads up! I usually don't shop at CVS, but I went to my local one and cleaned up! With the 75% and my $14 in coupons, I got a total of $100 in Revlon, Loreal, and Clean&Clear acne products for $19.

  • Allegra Cole

    Hi Ladies!

    I had to come out of lurkmode to share…

    I'm in Upstate NY and there's a catch to getting the deals for a successful CVS haul.

    Some CVS's aren't tagging the items with the stickers but they are ringing up 75% off at the register. I've been to 3 locations and made purchases.

    The entire line of L'Oreal HIP Paints are 75% off…I stocked up on every color for $2.32 a piece. I also got some of those Juicy glosses and the Shocking Mascara…none of the items I purchased were more than $3 a piece.

    Take an inventory of the items various posters have shared, make a list and look to grab them.

  • Bits Baubles and Buttons

    Thank you so much Britt! This came just in time. I needed a little retail therapy because the kids were starting to drive me insane. So instead of going bananas…I went shopping! I got 13 items and nothing was over 2.50! The brands I picked up included: L'Oreal(including HIP), Physician's Formula, & Revlon. My receipt showed that I SAVED a WHOPPING $63.68! I only paid $24.02! It sure did make me feel better too!

  • Yvonne

    Thanks for this heads-up!! I went today during my lunch break with multiple L'Oreal Coupons in tow. I loooooove when CVS does their makeup markdowns!! Keep up the GREAT work with your blog!!!