Beautiful Bee-ing Me: Amy goes to the Zulu Ball

Beautiful Bee-ing Me in the reader/fellow blogger photo showcase! It is in this series that you can show off your hair, fab new outfit or make-up look. Wanna show off your new hair cut? That lipstick you’ve been rocking for a month? Show off on Clumps!

There is something special about New Orleans. There is NO place like it. From the food to Bourbon Street and the residents’ strength despite adversity, I can’t help but love loooove NOLA. Will definitely be planning another trip (Essence festival anyone?) there soon.

Last week I got an email from my totally awesome and beautiful friend Amy. She was prepping up to go to the Zulu ball and wanted to get some ideas on how she should wear her make-up. She told me that was would be wearing an olive dress. And so combined with a few of my ideas, her skills and stunning features, here’s what she came up with!

Hit the jump to see the rest of her look!


How gorgeous is she? I love how the subtle green eyeshadow makes her eyes pop but don’t take away from the dress. A light blush application brings out her cheekbones and freckles and I could not have chosen a better lipstick and gloss. That’s Revlon’s Airy Fairy lipstick paired with E.L.F’s Airy lip gloss.
And hmm, is it just me but….
Both Princess Tiana and Amy are in New Orleans. And both went to a ball wearing green. How cool!
Amy, please tell me you noticed that too or else I am going to feel like an oversized kid. HA!
  • Jazz

    Love her dress and her hair. She looks beautiful

  • Lish

    I love that curly hair!! her makeup looks amazing!

  • Tiffany

    You don't have to feel like a big kid I totally see it. Amy, you look beautiful, way to play up your features. I love that the colors work with your skin tone and eye color. I am always leery of being too matchy, matchy but I think that your makeup is a perfect compliment to your overall look for the evening. GO AMY! Love the blog btw!

  • Renata

    You look absolutely gorgeous Amy!!! Work it fab girl!!!

  • Petra

    Beautiful Amy…Your Make-up was fantastic and that dress was Gorgous…Love,love love it girl.

  • Kenneth

    Very pretty!

  • Aundra

    work it sis!!!!!

  • Trenell

    Amy looks wonderful…beautiful dress and great job on the makeup…y'all should see her at work!!!! She really cleans up well…lol

  • *Coop*

    Ooh, Amy looks AMA-ZING! Loving the gown, makeup, hair and everything.