Beauty and…Male: Men and pedicures?

I’m not sure how it happened.
It caught me by surprise.
The feeling was so nice.
It about brought tears to my eyes.
Ok.  Now, let’s remove your mind from the gutter and follow me as we approach the final frontier for ‘Beauty and the Male’—the male pedicure.  The sad story is that men rarely pamper themselves.  Most of your husbands or boyfriends wouldn’t know the word “pamper” if it wasn’t on your baby’s diapers.  Now, I do consider myself a ‘metro” guy but this is just one thing I have never given on.  But thanks to some encouragement from good friends, I got over it and to my surprise—loved it.  So, how did they convince me? Here’s several ways to get your man to the salon with you for a pedicure:

1)      Start with telling him how awesome his looks already are.  Many guys just need that extra push and there is nothing that beats hearing that from your woman.  Once you gush a bit about how fine and sexy he is….
2)      Offer to go with him and treat the two of you.  Many men think this costs a bunch of money but you can take that argument out of it by offering to P-A-Y.  Most gentlemen are used to paying so its nice to be treated some of the time!  Now that he is considering it…
3)      Find a place that won’t intimidate him and make the appointment.  If there are flowers and pastels on the wall, keep looking.  Any place where he might be seen by his boys or coworkers is out of the question.  Search your city for places that have a more masculine feel to them.  Now, after you have the place selected….
4)      Choose a time when there will not be a lot of folks there.  You can even earn bonus points if you can manage to ask the salon to schedule you both when another guy already has an appointment.  Private booths can help ease this anxiety too since he won’t want everyone staring.  The icing on the cake is….
5)      After the service is done, you must tell him how great his feet now look and feel.  Offer to take him with you four times a year (at the beginning of each season).  Encouragement is just part of the ego thing.  Accept it; deal with it;  and use it to what will ultimately be your advantage—after all, those feet will be rubbing against your feet tonight!

Yes, its hard to be a man
‘Cause pampering can be a sin
But once you get that pedicure
You’ll be headed back again.
Until next time, Clumpers….

More about Kenneth:

Kenneth D. Pratt Esq. is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Florida State University College of Law. A native of Tallahassee, Florida, he began his career there, as a certified legal intern at the Office of the State Attorney and progressed to the Office of the Attorney General where he served for three years. Pratt has published several short stories, poems, and op eds in National as well as local publications. In his spare time he enjoys reading, travel, and sports.

  • Colette

    Yay for men & pedis! LOL I think most men's feet can be in pretty sad shape, and for those intimidated by polish, getting a pedicure doesn't have to involve anything more than some scrubbing & buffing of neglected feet, trimming of the nails & attention to those crusty cuticles.

    If a guy DOES happen to be secure enough with himself to sport some color down there, I think that's pretty cool too. Jake is a great example of that. His feet are in better shape than mine =)

  • Jade

    My husband loves pedicures. Unfortunately, we can't splurge on them these days. We almost always get pedicures during trips (like in NYC where our feet would get sore after walking a million miles in one day). He has no shame in admitting his love of pedicures, manicures, massages, and more. They feel great and he looks great afterwards. That's what matters.

  • *Coop*

    I've been dating my guy for months and I've never seen his feet. Never. He's ALWAYS in socks. I wouldn't know where to begin a pedicure talk.

  • Soho500

    Love this post! My husband goes for pedicures and loves them. He just doesn't go as often as he should. When he starts to draw blood on my legs I tell him it is time to go….LOL