Beauty Bee-haviors: Why we DON’T need make-up…

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

This edition of Beauty Bee-haviors was inspired by an 10 year old reader. That’s right…Clumps tries (operative world is “tries”, ha!) to be curse-free because I know that we have baby readers out there and I don’t want them to think cursing is cool.

Even though it was when I was 10 but I digress..

The young chick-a-dee was telling me how she just adores make-up and that without she doesn’t feel pretty. She said she’s tried 4 different brands of foundations and still hasn’t found the perfect primer. I didn’t know what primer was until I was like…23!  My attempts to tell her that make-up is SOOOO not needed at that age meant nothing because she was still desirous of a tips and tricks; not big sister-ly advice.

Oh well, my prepubescent pretty! You’re going to get more advice anyway because I’m a bossy big sister and that’s just how I roll. But now it’s you all’s turn. Help the baby Clumps readers understand 

Why we don’t need make-up…

I think it is SO important to empower and motivate younger girls. They look up to us. Some read beauty blogs and look at magazines and assume that make-up is needed to feel beautiful. In fact, there are young adults and older women who feel this way.

Speak on it, y’all…

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  • Jazz

    we dont need makeup , because we are beautiful without it. I know that in my heart I am beautiful on the days when I am not wearing any makeup … I may feel like a bum , but I am the hottest thing walking around the streets . Makeup should be used to enhance our features not cover up thing we dont like about ourselves . At the end of the day, you have to learn to love yourself as you are , in your own skin. Find the things that you like about yourself , and play those up. Look yourself mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful , because God himself made me that way.

    Britt , I dont know if this made sense and it may be too much for her to understand , but she will get it eventually , just like I did

  • hsiek

    I'm 24yrs old, & can honestly say I never wear makeup…not even mascara. If I'm going somewhere über special, then I bring out the big guns & put on makeup, but I don't wear foundation & STILL don't know what primer is. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, makeup is just there to enhance the beautiful little face u already have! And if, at 24, I'm not wearing it daily, u don't need to either! But if u insist, get some clear mascara & some flyy lipglosses & have at it…but trust me, u don't need foundation. (I know this isn't what the little lady wants to hear…)

  • slackey210

    You most definitely don't NEED makeup. Makeup just enhances the natural beauty you already posess, and that's only if you choose to use it. I have only started wearing makeup daily (at least Mon-Fri) because it's now a hobby more than anything else. I've learned to experiment with colors and play around with different techniques and it's for fun and my own personal learning experience more than anything else. Beauty is within and no amount of makeup can ever change that.

  • Anonymous

    It makes me kinda sad to see so little girls wearing make up. These days it's pretty common. Not that I didn't like make up I actualy love it and I think it does make me look better… but honestly those 10-year-old girls are wearing make up cuz its cool and all their friends do, and they just pile it on. And it doesn't make them look prettier:/ And in that age they shouldn't be worried about their looks, they should be playing outside with friends and enjoying their childhood while it lasts!

  • VaidaG

    Make-up isn't supposed to be a neccesity it is these days for women. It's just to make yourself feel better. Young girls don't need it, and i don't support parents who let their girls go out all covered in three coats of make up on their faces…

  • Jayme

    I onsider the purpose of makeup to be to just give you a little bit more polish if you have a job interview or something.
    That being said a 10 year old should not be having job interviews. At that age your skin is beautiful, and you have plenty of youth. There is no reason to cover that up. What makes you beautiful is also what makes you uniquely you. You should not want to cover that with makeup. Be proud of who you are and how you look.

  • Soho500

    Khalil Gibran, (1883 – 1931)
    Beauty is not in the face;
    beauty is a light in the heart.
    A smile is the best make-up!

  • Brittany

    Oh my! This makes me so sad. At 10, a girl should not have to worry about the way she looks. But unfortunately, our society puts all its emphasis on beauty and holds an impossibly high standard for it. I know its cliche, but inner beauty is what matters the most. Here's one of my favorite quotes.

    "Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart." –Kevyn Aucoin

    Because once that outer beauty fades, all that is left is the ugliness on the inside.

  • Makeup On A Budget

    It's true, we don't need makeup. I only wear foundation for special occasions (date, dinner, etc.) I love my lipstick/gloss combo and I wear eyeshadow from time to time during the week but mostly for going out. I know it's easier said than done to embrace your beauty but sometimes you just gotta do it. :)

  • Tiffani

    I remember growing up and in middle school, a lot of girls were wearing makeup. My mother did not allow me to wear makeup even though I desired to. I did not really get into make-up until I was in my 20's and I realized then what my mother was trying to convey. She did not want me growing up thinking I needed makeup to be beautiful because I already was beautiful. At almost 25 years old, I'm still learning new things everyday about makeup. Like another poster stated, use makeup to enhance your features not use it as a crutch to feel beautiful.

  • Amina

    we don't need make up because we should be comfortable with our image and let everyone see our bare face. Like many said, make up is here to enhance beauty not cover up. I have a big make up collection by 85% of the time, I am not wearing any…

  • Athena

    If I think back to the way that I was at that age I was just starting middle school and was starting to become interested in make up, so while I don't think that she is too young to start having an interest in it, I do have to wonder if this is something that her mother discusses with her and why a 10 year old girl feels the need to be wearing foundation. I'm 26 and I still don't have any need for foundation! I think at that age some clear lipgloss (back then I was a big fan of Bonnie Bell. Do they still make those? I remember it being appropriate for tweens.) and maybe (and that is a big maybe) some nail polish with very little toxins in them is good for a little girl to start with.

    From a self-esteem perspective, make up does not make us beautiful. Our goals and aspirations, our minds, our hobbies, the way we treat other people and the love and respect that we have for ourselves as is makes us beautiful. Make up is fun, but it is only meant to enhance the natural beauty that you already have. All of the make up in the world is not going to make you feel good about yourself if you can't feel pretty without it. It only covers up the real problems that exist underneath that are making you feel that you are less than without it.

    From a heath perspective (I'm sorry but I have to go there) at 10 years old you are just starting to enter the stages where you are going through puberty and your body is growing and changing. There are so many unhealthy chemicals put in make up that is bad for the body in the long run. Things that aren't good for someone who is still growing. There is plenty of time to get into makeup when you are older.

    I think for now it is a good idea to just have fun with being a kid. Gosh, it seems like kids nowadays don't have a chance to just be kids anymore. It makes me sad that they are bombarded with all of these messages and images from friends, family and the media that causes them to grow up way ahead of their time.

  • Christine

    The grass is always greener on the other side… I remember being 10 and wanting to wear make-up too, but now that I am 21 I completely love the "fresh faced," natural look and really only wear make-up that looks natural (powder, mascara, lip stuff). And actually, I prefer to go without it completely — I only wear powder on days when my skin looks bad, mascara when I look super tired, etc.

    Younger girls have no idea how lucky they are that they don't NEED make-up! What women wouldn't do to have their flawless skin again, you know?

  • Miss Yaya

    My momma woulda whooped my behind if I was talking about makeup like that at ten. I was blessed to be born to an aesthetician who cared for my skin like it was gold before I could even understand the concept. I was forbidden to wear makeup or heels way into the last years of teenagedom. The bright side?

    My feet have def not ruined themselves in young youth by squishing into painful shapes from an early age, and my pores were clean as a whistle. I revolted several times here and there and tried to put on heels or makeup, but I knew to either take it off soon as I got home, or I knew I was in for some belt-ing.

    The outcome? I don't feel the need to wear makeup everyday. Even as a beauty blogger and a product junkie, the only thing I wear everyday is lipgloss. You'd find me hard pressed to apply mascara for no reason. Eyeshadow and all the rest? Must be a party somewhere.

    Just the other day the Mr's niece asked if she could borrow my lipgloss. The girl is 4. I asked her why and she said because she wanted to be beautiful. I told her she didn't need an ounce of lipgloss to achieve the goal but got suckered into giving her a squeeze of clear gloss anyway. When I tell you I almost got a whoopin for that from the Mr? Whoooooo. Not doing that again. Send em to their mama. And if the mama fails. Blame her. LMAO

  • Miss Yaya

    and to continue my ramble? My momma drilled it into my head that at during a female's youth, her body encompasses all that older women spend all their time and money to recreate. Y'all making me want to go hug my momma.

  • Ellie

    When I was 10 I was too busy having fun being a tomboy and getting dirty playing outside. Makeup didn't cross my mind unless it was Halloween facepaint.

    I didn't start wearing makeup until I got to college, and even then, it was makeup for costumes.

    Now I'm in my 20's and I own a ton of eye and lip stuff, that I wear once in a blue moon, if it's a really really special occasion or for a costume party or something. Otherwise, I prefer enjoying the extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning and mostly clear pores.

  • Jacqueline Uy

    We dont need make up because natural beauty is real beauty. Cosmetics are just add ons. One can truly be beautiful without make up. I would rather go bare-faced than fully made-up :) -Coming from a lipgloss-only girl in Manila :)

  • Anonymous

    When I was little I thought I needed makeup, but my mom changed that. Everywhere I went, I thought I looked ugly compared to my peers because THEY were all wearing makeup, but boy was I wrong. My mom also set up some key rules – no makeup excluding lipgloss until I was 16. My mom told me all I needed was some eyebrow gel to shape my eyebrow, and chapstick or sheer lipgloss. And she was right :) I looked like my age, and I looked good WITHOUT makeup! And waiting until I was 16 just made it so much more fun! My mom took me for a little 'makeover' and I got my face 'done-up' but I still looked appropriate for my age. That was a couple of months ago, and even though I have access to makeup now, I still don't wear everyday, because my mom taught me through all those years that I am naturally beautiful. And you should believe it too. :) And at school, I pity those girls who are obsessed with makeup, because it shows that they are not confident of themselves. Be confident! :)

    Sorry for that long post! I just remember how I felt 6 years about makeup :)

  • Lexie

    i absolutely love makeup. its fun for me. I don't do it for anyone else. i have days where i wear no makeup at all, then for the next 3 days i go all out. i wear makeup because it's something i love to play around with. that being said, i'm 18, and i didn't start wearing actual makeup till i was 15 or 16, and that was only lipgloss or mascara and eyeshadow for homecoming! At ten, you have absolutely no need for anything more than lipsmuckers! foundation is meant to cover up, and you don't need that! you should be playing with your friends and enjoy being a kid. there's plenty of time to enjoy all the fun you can have with makeup later in life, but you're absolutely beautiful without it :)

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    My young 10-year-old sister, YOU DON'T NEED MAKE-UP YET. Your young smooth chocolate skin and beautiful smile is all you need at this age.

    As I tell my 5 year old and 3 year old daughters, everyone is beautiful whether or not they are wearing fancy clothes or wearing make-up. Make-up is for fun. It is for playing dress-up. It is for girls much older than you. As much as I like playing with eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascaras, I don't feel ugly if I don't go without.

    I know at 37 I'm old enough to be your mother, but don't think I'm being motherly. I'm talking real talk to you as a black woman to black woman. Love yourself as yourself. Leave the make-up until you're older. Or, if you must dabble, stick to sparkly lip gloss and Love's Baby Soft perfume.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    I started wearing a tinted lip balm when I was 12 or 13 years old. Avon sold it. It was called "Slick Tints." When I was 15, I started wearing lipstick with my grandmom's approval but it was mostly light, natural colors. At 16, I got my first red lipstick but I didn't wear it every day. At 18, I was all Wet-n-Wild lip sticks and Brucci nail polishes.

    I started wearing foundation when I was 30. 35 when I went as far as to wear primer!

    I know the world is moving at much faster pace than when I was a tween and a teen, but take time to enjoy and accept your natural self –hair, face, skin, body, etc before you start trying to cover it up.

  • ak

    Make up wearing like a lot of things is just a choice. If I had perfect skin I'd never wear foundation or even powder ever BUT I do like make up in strong/dramatic colors, dark, bright or light. I like adding a different color on to my face. Nowadays what's in is to add strong colors to your eyes, lips or your cheeks WITHOUT being overly made-up looking or looking 'cakey'.

    To quote Dita Von Teese 'I like unnatural beauty. What does 'natural' mean anyway? I'm a freckled blond from Michigan!' I'm no blond at all butI like the creativity behind make up and the changes.

  • I agree that makeup is’nt necessary, and I only wear it on weekends and e venings if I’m going out. I’m 19 and in university. My hair is always in a pony or braid because I dance every morning and thats how I like it!
    Makeup is like art, putting on some white and pink eyeshaddow is creative! I love doing it! It is something I enjoy and even putting on foundatiion can be fun, its like painting a canvas. A blank canvas is always beaufiful but after you put art on it, its just different, no better.
    Really, let people do what they want but only if its for the right reasons :)

  • brooke

    This is a little funny, people who enjoy makeup enough to browse beauty blogs are commenting on how makeup isn’t needed. No, it isn’t, it is fun. I actually didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 38. I decided that I was starting to look… old ( and a mean lady at the spa make me cry on my spa day!). So I turned to the internet. I enjoy looking at the pretty colors and “window shopping” makeup, deciding what to purchase and experiment with. I have a lot of fun “playing” with makeup, but still go out every now and then with no makeup.

    We don’t need makeup.. unless you are in a theatrical production.