Beauty on the Tube: My favorite TV show…gone!

I’m in mourning, y’all. One of my favorite TV shows has been canceled. It’s gone. It’s over. Lincoln Heights was one of my favorite shows. I watched it while I was living in LA. The show took place in LA and so I felt kind of connected. I thought the acting was great. And it’s gone.

I haven’t been this sad since the last episode of Girlfriends. Oh wait…did they even have a season finale? *sigh*

This is bad. And I refuse to get caught up with reality TV. What TV show cancellation hurt your feelings? What’s your favorite current TV show?

Goodbye beautiful ladies of Lincoln Heights!

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  • birdie

    The Game on the CW and Boomtown on NBC. Great shows!

  • Nikia

    Oh gosh, I was seriously depressed about the demise of Girlfriends. It was especially torturous when they changed the writers and everything got all weird at the end :-( I'm pouting just thinking about it!

  • princessvalecia

    The cancellation of the game hurt me pretty awful. I was all wrapped up in the story!

  • jessimae

    they are canceling ugly betty :(

  • Daenel

    They are so unfair and quick about the cancellation of black based television shows unless it's something stupid like Flavor of Love or New York Goes to Hollywood. Yes, I said it and I hope the powers that be see this and realize that by feeding the masses nothing but reality shows, they are contributing to the cultural blight that has become the American television landscape. *jumping off soapbox*

  • B

    Daenel–> Don't even get me started. I boycott most TV shows for that reason alone. Flavor Flav can get several seasons and spin-offs but a good quality show with good acting/story line like Lincoln Heights gets canceled. *floodgate of tears re-open*

  • ChiChi

    I didn't even know it was still coming on cuz I just started watching the reruns on TVOne. It as on ABCFamily, right?

  • Atiyah

    This hurts my heart, Lincoln Heights was quality tv. I love the picture you have posted of the family.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    How could I have forgotten The Wire? That was THE most crushing television series ending for me because it was such a well acted and well done show.

  • Stacy

    I'm so upset over this. We (my daughter and I) watched this show from the pilot and never missed an episode. We can't get positivity like this to stay on the air, but like you said, all that reality trash will run the airwaves for years to come. Sad!!!!

    I'm not a big tv person and much of the shows I do like end up being cancelled.

  • Isis

    Had to bounce outta lurkmode for this one…

    I think this sort of disappointment will continue to be the norm…look at how TV has changed over the last 5-10 years…it's sooo much cheaper for a network to put together some reality show crap…and as unfortunate as it is…people are tuning in. We're no longer getting quality TV because it's not required.

    Sad, sad, sad to hear about Lincoln Heights. I don't have extended cable so when I heard about this show…I saved it on Netflix for future release. I know it's slated to be realeased or has been released to DVD. So I'll enjoy it that way…

    And to the poster who mentioned The Wire. I'm just watching it on DVD and can't even get over that it's no longer on HBO…It's so good…a balance between law and criminals. Love watching these series on DVD because I can just keep going and keep the suspense at a minimum.

    Ok, guess I've rambled enough…great topic…vaporizing back into lurkmode…

  • c0c0puffz

    I hate when I get into a show and they cancel it on a cliffhanger. At least give it a proper ending. The Game was a show that deserved a proper ending. It was like a black soap opera to me.

  • Angela

    I cannot believe ABC is canceling Ugly Betty. It was/is one of my favorite shows. I liked it because it showed a lot of racial/cultural diversity. I have enjoyed watching Betty evolve and change. Oh, well!

  • The Avon Lady

    I'm really sad that they took Girlfriends away as well. I enjoyed watching that show! They wait right until you start enjoying shows and then they take them away :( pouting. I will have to saw that my favorite TV show currently is Law and Order SVU (special victims unit).