Beauty Review: CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast

Queen Latifah is one of my favoritest people in the whole world. Like…I LOVE LOVE her. A lot. She is such a inspiration. Yes, I watch Living Single reruns every week. Yes, I have and love her jazz album. And yes I think U.N.I.T.Y. is STILL the jam.

For Superbowl XLIV, Queen rocked this look…

A few weeks ago, Keri Hilson rocked a smoky purple eye at the Grammy’s. Since Queen’s make-up artist Monifa Mortis said that a similar look can be achieved by using CoverGirl’s Smoky Shadow Blast in Purple Plume, I wanted to try! If it’s good enough for the celebs, it’s good enough for me too, right?

You can get these creamy shadow sticks for $9.99 where ever CoverGirl products are sold. Now the question is…do they work?

The Shadow Blast is supposed to help you achieve a colorful smoky eye by providing you with a lid and crease color. It fits right in your hand which makes for great on-the-go shadow touch-ups.

The concept is pretty simple. The light color (step 1) goes right on the lid and the darker color (step 2) goes in the crease and the lower lashline. It is illustrated beautiful on the packaging.

Step 1 of Purple Plume is a creamy pink that isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.


I didn’t have any problems with application. The shadow is creamy and opaque. This is a good thing because tugging on the lids is no bueno. Part 2 is a is burgundy berry. 

You will have to use a blending brush to blend the two colors together for a flawless look. I finished the look with a a highlight, liner and mascara and…


CREASING! Creasing makes me cry. Seriously. It is the worst thing that can ever happen to eye shadow application. I think I would like the Shadow Blast more if it stayed on the lids longer. I have heavy lids and without a base, I crease beyond belief. So I’m not sure if I like Shadow Blast by itself.

But for touching up looks on the go? Perfecto!

Have you tried this yet?

  • Jazz

    i bought one , used my udpp under it and it still creased like a mug … not good .

  • Janine

    I love her too!! Covergirl has some great models lately, including Ellen and Drew Barrymore. All very "real" celebs, IMO. The shadow looks beautiful on you! Do you think the creasing could be minimized by dusting a transparent powder (like MUFE's silicone powder) over the top? Might work! :)

  • Betty Girl Make-Up

    did you use a base on your lid before trying this? i tried this product as well and it creased on me too. i tried using all kinds of different bases to see which one (if any!) would work better to make it not crease and it didn't matter. for $9.99, no thanks CG! great review!

  • Imani

    I won two sticks from Spoiled Pretty (the black one and the brown one). I love the colors on initial application but it creased like mad! I'm going to Walmart this weekend so I'm going to try L'Oreal's primer and see if it helps the situation any…

  • Bunni

    I love me some Queen too. Those colors look pretty, too bad about the creasing though

  • S.L.I.M.

    This look is really pretty on you and loving the hair.

  • gio

    The colors look beautiful on you but it's too bad they crease.

  • rmcandlelight

    I love Queen L too. The CG combo is so pretty but the creasing is not good. Might have to use them as bases like the nyx sticks.

    Love your locks I have to try curling mine :)

  • antithesis

    reminds me of mac shadesticks of which i am no longer a fan. but you look cute!

  • MsFarrah

    Ok, after contemplating about buying one of these sticks…I think i may just go ahead and splurge!! the color looks very good on you, not good is the creasing:(

  • B

    Hey y'all…so I tried Too Faced's Shadow Insurance and it still creased. *tears* My lids are mucked up. Ugh!

    rmcandelight—> Girl, curling my locs is the only that to prevent me from twisting them. And the curls last throughout hardcore workouts too. Hollerrrr!

    antithesis—> You know what? I was never a fan of MAC's shadesticks either. They weren't all that creamy.

  • Amy

    Yea the creasing is poo, but it's very pretty on you!

  • mika76

    Awww…GREAT review! I love the idea and the simplicity the finished look is so cute. BUT the creasing BOOOOO!!!! Im so disappointed. In reading the review I thought Im getting this! Then to see it crease makes me sad.

  • The Red Lip

    Thanks for the review! The colors look really pretty and I've been eyeing the Shadow Blast whenever I happen to be in a drugstore, but knowing that it creases saves me from having to buy it. I have a lot of trouble with creasing unless I use a good primer underneath.

  • Vivabrownbeauty a.k.a Stephanie

    Just another reason why i will never buy CoverGirl products and if that is so similar to queen l. look then how come her mua coudnt just use that on her to help promote CG i mean queen l. is a spokesperson for them she even has her own little by line and i bet she doesnt evene use it either she was probely wearing M.A.C or something what a mess . Plus this girl was applying it in class and i asked her if it creases she said no? was she lying? obviously even i knew creamy type of shadows like that alwas crease plus i have oily lids. this one girl even used UDPP and it still crease than a mother***. So i'll past but thanks for putting that products on blast like that now i will never buy it..9.99 isnt worth it.

  • Ambreen

    I haven't tried this but I was watching reviews on YT & everyone hated it. They said it creased like crazy even with primer. They also said what do you when the crease tip gets dull?

  • diasvd

    I wanted to try these because it seems lk the answer to everything, but I saw a review on You Tube, and the guy said to set it with powder, so I guess it works kinda lk a base….I still kinda want to try them though…=/

  • kaligurl521

    I actually bought the same exact color as you do but couldn't get mine to look quite right. . . I'll definately have to try your tip of using "a blending brush to blend the two colors together"

  • kaligurl521

    I particiate in a program called bzzagent and was able to try out this product for free however I haven't gotten it to look quite right yet. . .I love the way the makeup looks on you and I'll defiantely have to try out your tip of using a blending brush and see if that helps any

  • Anonymous

    I recently tried the smokey eyes too and it looks great when you first put it on, but creases like crazy all day.

  • Emily @ Pretty and Poor

    I too, tried the CoverGirl Shadow Blast last week! And while the application was quirky, different and fun it was the same story: CREASING. The greasy consistency was horrible to have on my eyes as the day wore on.
    It might take a little more effort and training to achieve a smokey look with powder-based eye shadows…but it will last eons longer and wear better!
    Thanks for sharing! The colors, by the way, are GREAT on you.

  • Anonymous

    ok, I love the Drew Barrymore ads and decided I needed to finally try this product! I was really, really disappointed. I found it awkward to apply and hard to blend. It is super creamy, and I had trouble getting an opaque look with the same colors you used. (I'm really, really fair so the light pink did not work well for me). The product does make it really easy to put on smokey under-eye liner. I'll keep it for that and hope it doesn't crease!

  • Rachel

    I agree! I love the look but this stuff creases by the time I get to work in the morning. I like the concept of the creamy shadow and easy application so I tried Wet and Wild’s Perfect Pair Eye Wand and surprisingly enough, the creasing is not nearly as bad!

  • darla

    I agree with all the comments. It is really a bad product & I never even thought of what would happen if i wanted to sharpen the crease tip (shadow #2). and yes I did use a primer, deCrease. It didn’t help a bit.

    BTW anyone get a refund out of CoverGirl?

  • I tried the Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast and it was not what I expected. It was clumsy, awkward and difficult to use. I did a full review with photos on my blogs. Feel free to stop over and take a look. I definitely will not recommend this, with or without a base.