Celeb Spotlight: Keri Hilson’s Grammy look

Soooo chicas, did anyone catch the Grammy’s? Or was I the only loser that didn’t? I know…I’m so bad. I actually forgot to watch it. It wasn’t a terrible lost though because the next morning I woke up to a ton of Grammy related blog posts in my Google Reader.

One of my favorite looks of the night was by Ms. Keri Hilson….

Now don’t ask me what song she sings. Y’all know I live under a pop culture rock and don’t know these things. But the lady is killing it with the dark purple eye. Keri’s make-up was done by make-up artist Ashunta Sheriff (whose hair I am obsessed with) and she used one of CoverGirl’s Smoky Shadow Blast Shadow Stick in Purple Plum as her base. You’ve seen them in your drugstores, right? They look like this…

I will definitely be trying these babies out with the quickness. I loved how Ashunta kept the purple right on the lid without blending too much. It really makes the look pop out more. Oh…and I would be remiss if I didn’t show Ms. Hilson’s mermaid-style dress.

*faints* Goodbye. I know of nothing else to say. There is just an overbundance of fabulousness in this post.

Okay, but seriously….what do you think about her look? Has anyone tried those CoverGirl Shadow Sticks? I’m thinking of posting some more of my favorite Grammy looks. Hmm…

Stay tuned!

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  • Queen Lioness

    Keri Hilson is gorgeous in that dress and you are completely right – Ashunta's hair is TO DIE FOR! As a newly locked woman, I always gush over beautifully matured locks. Now how exactly do you keep from over-blending and what do you do when you've over-blended? Start over?

  • Mz. More

    She looks gorgeous. I have to check out those shadow sticks.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    Don't feel bad. I am also a loser who didn't watch the Grammys and I don't know who Keri is or what the heck she sings but I love the purple eyeshadow.

  • athena elliott

    Hi. I worked with Keri's glam team. I was blessed to have done her Minx. We all were breathless when she put that dress on. She is just fab all the way around. So glad to see her here in your blog as your fav. You have a great site..keep up the good work friend!
    Athena Elliott

  • T.R.

    I didn't watch them either. I know I'm getting old and jaded. I really just see them as popularity contests (which was proven Sunday night) instead of what I thought they really stood for, excellence at singing and musicianship talent. But I digress.

    Her look was stunning and I want someone to recreate that look. Really we all know (okay maybe not all of us) how to do the Beyonce Taylor Swift looks which were nice but boring to me. The moment I saw this pic I was like you Brittany…just thought gorgeous and the makeup FIERCE!

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    This dress looks great on her. And her makeup is lovely too.

  • Anonymous

    I love the cover girl smokey eye shadow sticks. I bought the brown/bronze shade. It looks very good on my skin and it lasts..i love this purple on Keri Hilson, it looks amazing, and i will be trying that one next!!

  • B

    Queen Lioness—> I suppose you could either start over or just pack on more shadow. If that makes any sense. Hmm….I'm going to try this look over the weekend.