Dear NY Fashion Week, Can Brown Stick Around?

I have still yet to actually attend any real deal New York fashion shows…a complete faux pas for the seasoned beauty or fashion blogger. Every season I endure an influx of blog posts, articles and features all done by those who have been so fortunate to attend the NYFW festivities.

Sometimes I cry silently as I click here and there, being mesmerized by the models and the designers’ pieces.

You see, I cry for many reasons, fam. I cry for not being an attendee at these shows AND I cry for the lack of brown girls on the runway. The latter is just down right annoying. Flipping through Essence’s History of Black Models slideshow made me feel a little better though. My favorite?

Um, yes!! You better work it Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan and Arlenis. The pulled back hair, loud lips and beautiful expressions? Loves. It! I hope that we see more diversity this time around. In the meantime, view Essence’s slideshow here. I didn’t know there were so many popular Black runway models. That Kiara Kubukuru was absolutely stunning!

  • Kim| Tres Jolie

    Great post! Sweet As Cocoa is a very nice blush, especially for brown girls. It's also great to use as a contour.

    I feel the same way about the under representation of brown women in the fashion industry. I see that not only in the runways, but also in print materials as well (Elle, Cosmo, Lucky, Marie Claire etc). Question is, what can WE do about it?

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  • Her Royal Poshness

    B I totally agree with you on the cocoa model runway thing. Its a rarity! I do cry at not being able to attend London Fashion Week because I simply don't have the time but I'd imagine it would be the same scenario. My friend got selected to model at LFW though and I'm dying to see how it pans out. I think maybe there are fewer cocoa models in the market…

  • Nicole

    You know there needs to be a MUCH wider range of colors on those runways! I love the picture you chose, not just for the gorgeous ladies, but also for the fact that they are sporting some flat stunningly gorgeous bright colors that totally suit them!

  • Execumama

    So true. The lack of us in the more well known "beauty" settings is a stark reminder that we have a ways to go in terms of brown beauty being recognizes as more than "exotic rarities" on a stage. The good news is that many of US recognize it, and as we blog, write, talk and continue to show our perspectives, then we are playing our part in slowly but surely tearing down that wall.

  • Ramona

    Why did I think that the 3rd photo: 1967, Donyale Luna
    was Keri Hilson??

  • B

    Ramona—> Whooooa! I kinda see the resemblance though.