FOTD Friday: Neutral Eyes, Poppin’ Lip via tutorial

Happy Friday, y’all It’s been a super long week. But I can’t wait for the weekend because I’ll be visiting my Goddaughter aaaaand heading to Miami for some weekend fun. I’ve really been itching to go to Atlanta for a few weeks not but uh…a sista needs some sun. Not snow. Know what I’m sayin’?

Lately, my YouTube family has been asking me to do tutorials. No bueno! While I enjoy watching some of the beauty tutorials on YouTube, actually DOING them is quite the challenge. You have to take so many things into consideration. Liiiiike….

-Am I talking too loudly?
-Am I boring?
-Am I being too silly?
-Am I talking too fast?
-Did I say “like”, “um”, “totally” too many times?
-Is the camera focusing?
-Is the lighting okay?
-Is the TuPac playing in the background too loud?

Hmm mm…all of that. It ain’t a easy job. And how regular YouTube beauty gurus do it, I’ll never know. But I tried. And here it is…

This tutorial focuses on achieving a pretty simply eye with a hot and poppin’ lip. I used..

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
Cargo blush in Lyon

MAC Paint in Bamboo (base)
Cargo Bronzer in medium (lid)
MAC Handwritten e/s (outer-V)
NARS Edie (between crease and brow)
Coastal Scents Matte white e/s
MAC Espresso e/s (deepens crease)

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Stila’s waterproof liquid eye liner
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Oyin Handmade Honeystick
NYC Cosmetics lipstick in Lyon
MAC Vino lipliner
MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

Such an easy look to achieve for even the most newbie-esque lady.  What do you think? What lippie do you use when you want a poppin’ lip?

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Love y’all!
  • piksie

    don't be so hard on yourself…you're fun to watch/listen to! i haven't commented regularly or anything but i've read your site every day for the past year or so, and it's awesome. i've had an awful few months, and honestly, your site cheers me up every time i check it. thank you for doing whatchu do =]
    ps i'm half-asian, half-white, and i love the bronzer-on-lids look!

  • LipGlossGossip

    Beautiful look! Love the lip color! Lovin the earings and ring too! :-)

  • Vanilla

    awww nice tutorial!
    love ur lippie!

  • S.L.I.M.

    wow! you made that look extremely easy. Especially applying your bllush. It takes me way too long to do my makeup. The look was flawless and beautiful. Keep it fierce.

  • Askmewhats

    I like watching you on videos no matter how many times you'll say UMMMMM , you are one gorgeous gal and doing photos and videos are all appreciated! :)

  • Carmen Y

    Thanks for the tutorial…that was fun to watch. Now, all I need is some of those neat brushes and I'm good to go. Have a wonderful Friday!

  • Andrea

    I liked the video very much! The trick is probably just to be yourself anyway, and you do a great job with that :)

  • melon6


    I second Pilsie! First time commenter, I am a big time lurker, I check your site everyday and I must say I LOVE this tutorial, definitely would love to see some more.

  • wittydreamer

    Girl, You trippin!! I love all your tutorials and you make them interesting and fun. I really wish you would do more but I understand that it takes a lot of time to make them. But your public appreciates and adores them! Keep shining bright!

  • omobolanle

    You're soooo much fun to watch B, thanks for doing this, really simple instructions to follow & You look great!

    BTW: the purple cocktail ring, earings combo..& ur nails ROCK!!!

  • B

    Thank you, lovelies!!!

  • What’s The Rage

    Love it! I thought you were great :)

  • Fantastic tutorial love it