FOTD Friday: The Tatyana Ali look tutorial

Happy Friday!

Sooo, guess what? I recently saw Tatyana Ali on the red carpet and her simple yet stunning look took my breath away.

How beautiful does she look? The WOW-factor comes from her jewelry. A look like this has 3 focuses.

1) Defined brows
3)  Minimal liner with a shot of gold eye shadow right on the lid
3) Luminous skin with a rosy matte blush

Here’s my little tutorial on how to achieve a look like this..

First up…brows!

My untouched brows require a ton of maintenance.

After a spoolie and a little liner, I’ve got the definition I’m looking for.

Tatyana has gold eyeshadow on her lid. And just on the lid. I whipped out my Barbie for Stila gold shadow…

…and applied it right to the lid. She doesn’t look as if she used any liner on the lower lashline but to make this look a little more “me”, I winged out my liner.

 And lastly… the skin! I hid my dark marks with concealer…

Applied MAC’s Sweet As Cocoa..

I usually apply it just on the cheeks but to get that all over glow, I buffed it all over. And then I pulled out CARGO’s Lyon.

I absolutely adore this blush. Just a dab to a the apples..

And boom la wow! Final look…


The lipstick is NYC Cosmetics’ Garnet and Stila’s Brown Sugar Lipglaze. Fabulous combo.  I can dig it. I’m loving this natural look.

What do you think?
Do you not love matte blushes? I mean, wow!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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  • Roxy

    That looks beautiful!!
    I've been experimenting with the cat-eye look alot lately.

  • Askmewhats

    woman! i want to hug you! you are gorgeous!

  • Kizzy-online

    You're pretty :-)

    It does look like Tatyana has a darker shade on the crease (outer corners)…Or is it just me?

  • Margie

    This look is absolutely smoking on you!! ♥ it!

  • Amina

    you look absolutely gooorgeous!!!

  • Marley

    That is a gorgeous look, both on you and her! I especially love the cheeks- it makes your cheekbones sky-high!

  • Alex

    I don't know if I love matte blushes, I don't think I've ever worn one. Maybe I need to bust out and try some new things :) I love this look though, pretty and easy!

  • Carmen Y

    Love the look! Not too much…just the way I like it 😉

  • Makeup On A Budget

    Looks great! Get it girl!

  • gio

    This is a beautiful look! Love the blush, it looks great on you.

  • Amy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE HAIR!!!! It's gorg! Keep it up!a

  • SweetsQueen

    So pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I like it. I'm still trying to perfect that simple make up look. Would you believe that I am 26 and can't put on some eyeshadow properly?

    You look so cute with your curled locs and your glasses, btw.

    @ Kizzy: Yeah, it looks like Tatyana has a light shade of brown on the outer corner of her eyes.

  • Kimzee

    GAW-JUS!!! Very pretty : )

  • Lara

    Really love the way your hair is styled!

  • Bsquared86/Bsquared0408

    Love it!

  • umbreons

    Wow! So striking and beautiful! You look great! 😀

  • Execumama

    Perfection! I love looks that come off natural and almost effortless! I'll be trying this for my upcoming event, and I'll send you a pic b/c you care, that's why :)

  • AMB

    this fabulous! thank you!

  • What’s The Rage

    I have a really pretty nude lip combo that I just posted on my blog that's really similar to this look! Please check out my blog Brittany and you girls! (

  • Lavendar

    You look FAB!!! Reeeaaallly loving the hair girlie!

  • xlovelinda

    You and her look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am in love with the MAC's sweet as cocoa, but I just can't afford any MAC products. Do you know a blush that is similar to MAC's sweet as cocoa, but affordable? Please let me know if you do! Thank you and I LOVE YOUR WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE FANTAZMIC AMAZING MIRACULOUS BERJAPUFUL (:D) THUPER BLOGSITE! 😀 <3

  • B

    xlovelinda—> Hmmmm, I'll be on the look-out but I haven't seen any blushes similar to Sweet As Cocoa. It is pretty pricey but save your pennies. I've been working on the same one for a year so you'll definitely get your money's worth. :)