Inglot has a website!

Well, can you believe it? About time, right?

The good news is that the website is pretty user-friendly. It also tells you where other Inglot locations. Most are outside of the US but I’ve heard rumors about more opening in New York and even one in Las Vegas.

I’m still not satisfied until one opens in Florida. Umph! Okay, I’m kidding. Somewhat.

The bad news is that prices aren’t up and I don’t see an option for being able to purchase products online.   Let’s hope that comes soon. In the meantime check out…

  • Kimberly

    I am so happy to hear about this! When you visited Inglot in New York I immediately looked for a website…And we know how it ended up! I am heading over to the site now!

  • Nicole

    I think I heard that they were going to be opening the website! Very excited, too, as of course I've never been to Inglot and I've lived vicariously through your posts about them! I hope we'll be able to order online, I NEED some of those polishes!

  • Ishah

    I LOVE Inglot.. I am originally from Australia and we had a store in my town for a while but then it mysteriously disappeared?? I bought some lip pencils and glosses from there and was planning to buy some eyeshadow and nail polish but I didn't get there in time :(

  • Anonymous

    I work at a store in Canada, and we ship to customers from all over the place…many in the US. Call 514-341-9333 ext.222 for all the info you need :)

  • B

    Thanks for letting us know!