Lisa Bonet’s Style: Bummy or Bohem?

I was always a fan of Lisa Bonet’s character on The Cosby Show. She was free-spirited, carefree, a dreamer and although she took a lot of unconventional routes she reminded me of….myself.

Seriously! Ask my sisters. Whenever we play “Which sister are you from The Cosby Show?” they would all say I’m like Denise. I’m the one that went to college and cut off all of my hair. I moved to the other side of the country and dabbled in veganism, vegetarianism and everything in between.

Yeah yeah….so I’m the “eccentric” one in my family. And proud!

Some photos of Ms. Lisa Bonet popped up in the blogosphere and it appears that some of the Young, Black & Fabulous readers thinks she looks like a bum. What say you? Hit the jump to view the photos.

Am I missing something? I think she looks fine! I know, I know…you’re expecting me to question why she isn’t wearing any lip gloss or blush, right? Wrong! While I always like to look my best when I go out (even if to the grocery store), being comfortable means the world to me. Ms. Bonet doesn’t feel the need to wear 4-inch heels or skirt just to run some errands. And for that, I love her! Her skin is flawless and her freeform locs are just beautiful. Not to mention she is a 42-year old Mom with a toddler. She doesn’t have a drop of make-up and still looks youthful.

And she shops at Erewhon? I used to love shopping at that store when I lived in Los Angeles. But, um yeah..I don’t see anything wrong with her look at all.

What say you?

Is she taking the bum look too far or is this just classic comfortable bohem?

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  • NewRibena

    I love the fact that she is quite comfortable with herself…

  • Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S

    Honestly, I wouldn't wear it & I don't think anyone I know personally would. Her hair isn't bad and she beautiful but the homeless look isn't…IDK I can't think of a word.
    In the end, the reason I adore her is because she has a style of her own. I never saw her trying to go with "what's in" or look like anyone else. Despite my feelings about her attire, she gets a pass.

  • NYC*B

    I'm telling on my age but i grew up watching Lisa Bonet on TV (i'm 32, it's not that serious, lol), she was my Generations Angie Jolie, the one who dared to say what she really thought. When i first read of her and Kravitz having a baby, talk about bohemian/ rock rhapsody! I personally love that she has never marched to anyones beat except her own, she is Fearless!

  • Miss Boom

    A bum?! Are you kidding me? She's gorgeous! She's happy in her own skin, that in itself is beautiful. She's a real natural beauty.

  • Anonymous

    That's what early 40s without makeup and not trying to be the world's sex object looks like.

    She looks good.

  • Kizzy

    I'm not really feeling the orange pants, but other than that….she looks fine.

  • Moni @ CL Journal

    I'm 43 and I watched her during the Cosby Show and A Different World, I just thought she was Boho to the tenth power. I wouldn't wear it at the time, but I knew people like her and that was her flow. Her daughter has the same style sense as her parents. In fact, Lenny Kravitz said on the Mo'Nique Show is that his daughter is fearless and doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks about her style.

    That's true fashion! A la Andy Warhol…

    Go Lisa!

  • Nicole

    I am a fan…hmmmm. Maybe I should say was a fan when she was on the Cosby Show. But I do think she looks homeless here. Maybe thats her look…

  • T.R.

    Okay I've loved her every since Cosby and like so many before me has said she is comfortable and fearless in her style. Too many of us try tooo hard to keep up with the Jones or be sexy. But she's sexy just doing her. To me her and Sade are in that group of women who can do them and be 100x's more sexy and beautiful than the "sexy beautiful" women of the entertainment world.

    As I always say no one can play you but yourself and you play yourself when you don't be yourself. :O)

  • Anonymous

    This picture makes her look like she's on stilts…is it the camera angle?

    Either way, she looks like she ran to the store in something she didn't care about running to the store in. She looks fine…not great…not monsterous.

  • kukaberry

    I love her style. I hate that they have been talking bad about her lately. I always thought she was cool and frankly I don't think she cares what they think about her (which makes it that much cooler).

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks homeless. There is "I look like I don't care" and then there is "Good thing I searched through the trash." She is fresh faced and beautiful, I think. But she looks frail and as if her clothes are about to fall off of her.

  • Lish

    I dont like this look on her….and often I think Zoe looks a mess but I love them both lol.

  • Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee

    She looks like she just came out of yoga class… She's dressed comfortably and she's not wearing makeup. I don't get when that became synonymous with homeless.

    Just discovered this blog today.. been reading it like I'm studying for the S.A.T.s.. LOL It's dope!