Acne Sucks: Keep those make-up brushes clean!

It’s one of those things that, we SHOULD know. I mean…it makes sense. Dirty brushes on a clean face equals pimples galore, right?


Don’t forget to clean your make-up brushes on a regular, ladies. This is a task that I have never really been good at, but I’m getting better. In between clean-ups, I like to use baby wipes or make-up wipes.

Just a quick gentle swipe on the brushes and viola!

I like to do a deep cleaning of the brushes at least once or week or so.

I gently massage baby shampoo in the bristles, rinse and lay them out to dry.


How often do you clean your make-up brushes? Do you find that when you don’t your acne is worst?

  • Askmewhats

    I do the same B, I wipe them after every use and deep cleanse it every weekend! I want to make sure my skin is free from hazard! 😀

  • Imee

    I used to be REALLY bad at this… as in I NEVER cleaned my brushes. Then when I realized that horrible habit might have contributed to my acne, I tossed all those brushes out and bought new ones. Since then, I've tried to clean them at least once a week, 2 at most.

  • Stacy

    I use my Sephora daily brush cleanser to clean them after each use and then once a week (or every 2 weeks if I'm lazy), I clean them all with baby shampoo & let them air dry over night.

  • Milan

    I do the swipe with a makeup wipe between uses but I know I need to deep clean them much more often. I'm at maybe once a month right now. LOL! Shame!

  • C.J.

    I used to be really good at this but since I ran out of the soap I usually use to clean them, I haven't even attempted! I almost bought some brush cleaner last night as well…Tonight I think I'm gonna clean them.

    Also, looking at your set doesn't make me feel bad about wanting more than one eyeshadow brush! LOL!

    One More Thing!! I see you have the Eco-Tools Duo Fiber brush..Did you have to buy it in a set or did it come separately? I haven't been able to find it by its self…. and I NEED that brush! LOL!

  • SoHo Accessories

    I use a little alcohol in water..swish them around and then let air dry.

  • Kizzy-online

    I suck at it too :-( I TRY to do it once a week….

  • yummy411

    that body bronzer brush (at the end of the line up) looks amaZing!

  • GS

    I have a lil request B, I recently saw your makeup collection vid, I liked it! now would it be a lot to ask for a video about your brushes (I'm kinda obsessed with brushes so bear with me :P)

    Oh and no wonder I'm breaking out like crazy, I wash my brushes so little… I know, gross!

  • indigo.

    Using dishwashing detergent and olive oil is a good way to clean brushes, too. (Use a mild detergent)
    It kills the bacteria in the brushes since it's antibacterial. Baby shampoo isn't :(

  • Marisol

    I try to do a "quick swipe clean" on my brushes with a napkin and brush cleaner after each use…but if I see that my brushes are getting some build up I wash them with baby shampoo or dish washing liquid with a spray of the brush cleaner/conditioner, pat moisture out and let dry flat on a clean face towel.
    I don't do a deep cleaning as often as I should, but I'm trying to get better at it, too… hahah
    I noticed that when I never cleaned my facial brushes, I would break out terribly! Especially with my blush brushes in my cheek area, so I wash those after each use, definitely!

  • B

    C.J.—> I've been seeing it where-ever EcoTools products are sold: Ulta, drugstores, Target, etc.

  • B

    Oh, and GS….for you? Sure will!

  • Ugochi @ Beauty 365

    yay for cleaning with Baby Shampoo! it's the greatest.

    Hey – I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange :) I am linked to your blog, because I really enjoy reading it.

    Let me know and keep up the good work :)

  • B

    U—> I got cha, lady!

  • Leita

    I looove EcoTools brushes. They are crazy soft.

    @indigo. – Another Michelle Phan watcher? :) I have to say, though, I think she's wrong about using antibacterial dishwashing soap to clean the brushes. Baby shampoo can disinfect just as well because you're rinsing down the germs with the soap bubbles anyway. Antibacterial soaps contain antibiotics, which bacteria can become immune to. Now that's scary… unkillable bacteria on your face? o_o

  • Tatted*Sparkles

    I wash them every 2-3 times I use them…kinda a clean freak lol! Plus I think they work better once they are fresh and dont have junk all in them

  • I totally agree with this. Not cleaning our make up brushes is one of the worst habits that harms the beauty of our face. It’s all up to habit. I made habit to clean my make up brushes once a week, and also when I am cleaning around the house, clean them too. I do it with water and baby shampoo , then wipe them with clean towel and wait for them to dry.

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  • 1NYC

    I use Citrus Clear’s face wash before applying makeup. It has definitely helped reduce my acne, and leaves my skin refreshed. On occasion I will use Citrus Clear at night after removing makeup, if I wore my makeup for longer than usual. It should work for you too – and it has no harmful chemicals and is super gentle!