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When it comes to glitter nail polishes, you either love ’em or hate ’em. Love them, I do. Removing them, I don’t. But some are so nice that they are worth the trouble of removing.

Take Nubar’s Sparkle collection for example.

This collection of glitters takes only requires 1-2 coats to achieve an opaque finish. Don’t believe me? Watch this!

Meadow Sparkle is pretty cool! A light green glitter is something I could have never imagined. This was the only one that needed 3 coats but no worries…once applied, it sparkles just as good as its classmates.


Star Sparkle is one of my favorites! It’s more than just a silver glitter. It has a holographic look to it that is just blinding. I love it!

It is a little thicker than most of the other polishes. But it’s not TOO much of a bad thing because that means it only needs one coat. Holler!


Petunia Sparkle is my favorite. What a gorgeous color! My camera is unable to to capture the essence of this magenta. It is so pigmented and I always get compliments when I wear this color. It’s the best!

But it does have its flaws….
Removing is a nightmare. But I just deal with it because it is just a fabulous glitter!

Night Sparkle is another must have. Wow! What a blue. It is so important to put down a base coat to prevent staining with this baby. But…wow-sers!


Fire Sparkle almost reminded me of China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps but Fire Sparkle has A LOT more glitter. It is insane. Which of course means I love it!


Violet Sparkle is indeed the best. I love love LOVE it! If I had a favorite color, this would be it. It is a rich royal blue with a good amount of hot pink glitter. It is magnificent. I can’t stop looking at my nails when I wear this color. My camera is having a tough time capturing a color this awesome so please don’t mind how OFF it looks in these photos.

Nubar’s Swatch:


Missing from the collection is Hyacinth Sparkles, a light purple and Sky Sparkles, a light blue. I can’t seem to find those boogers anywhere. I LOVED this collection. I didn’t love the removing process that comes with most glitters. It’s not something you can avoid…even if you use a base coat. I found that while these glitter polishes were easier to remove, they still let tiny micro glitters all under my cuticles and under my nails. I’m so meticulous that it took me FOREVER to thoroughly rid my nails of the glitter.

With all of these you will get an opaque finish in only one coat. Which is huge! Most glitters require 2-3 coats for complete coverage. I did, however, use 3 coats for each simply because I wanted to see the differences the number of coats would make. The must haves in this collection are Petunia Sparkle and Violet Sparkle. They are amazing!

You can get the entire collection here for $49.95 or buy them individually for $7.49/ea.

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Any holo lovers out there?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • Ma’at

    I know you're nails will hate me for this but have you tried using acetone based remover to take off your glitter polishes? On the rare occasion that I polish my nubs and rarer still that I do glitter, acetone is the easiest way for me to get it off. I follow that with a wash in warm water with a gentle soap and then massage olive oil into the nubs afterward.

  • Askmewhats

    Night sparkle is gorgeous! actually I like all of them but it does look difficult to remove!

  • Colette

    One word: E-N-V-Y! I sooo need to place a Nubar order. These are super-pretty

    Regarding removal – I am a total advocate of the soaking method now, with or without wrapping the nails in foil (to keep remover from evaporating). Just get some cotton wet with remover, kind of smoosh it onto your nail, and leave it there for 2-4 minutes – probably more towards 4 for glitter. When you pull it off almost all the polish should come off on the cotton =)

  • B

    Ma'at—> NOOOO! I hate acetone. I only use it for one glitter and that's Lippman's Superstar. My nails take forever to recover from acetone. I just use Zoya's Remove. It takes 10 years to come off, but my nails need the conditioning.

    Nikki—> Tell me about it!

    Colette—> Yeah, go ahead and snag these and come up with a look so that I can copy it from you. LOL! And yep…that's exactly how I remove my glitter. Guess who I learned it from? Holla!

  • Danielle87

    The green and the magenta are my favorites. The only problem I have with glitter polishes is that fact that they are a KILLER to get off (as we can see in your pics). They're very pretty colors though.

  • Milan

    Those are gorgeous! I hate removing glitter polish as well. Pain in the butt. Pure Acetone works best.

  • rmcandlelight

    To remove glitter use felt and pure acetone aluminum foil. Take a piece of felt loaded with the acetone place on finger firmly then take a piece of foil and wrap the saturated felt around your finger wait a few minutes then remove rub the felt in one direction on your finger glitter should be gone. HTH